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Despite liking the idea of horror games, I have never been able to play one for more than an hour due to stress levels

Content of the article: "Despite liking the idea of horror games, I have never been able to play one for more than an hour due to stress levels"

My infatuation with horror games started around when Amnesia: the Dark Descent became very popular. I had a shitty laptop and could not even play it, but it seemed very fun to me to play a genuinely frightening game. Up till then games had not really been able to frighten me very much. The idea of only being able to run and hide, and the way the reviews described it as the scariest game out there made me want to try it very much.

I was however able to run Penumbra 1, so I bought this and tried to play it. And holy fuck I could just not deal with it. The feeling of entering a dark, desolate place. The ambient noises. The darkness everywhere and the feeling that something is constantly out there to get. I had to stop at the sign of the first wolves because I just could not deal with hiding/running from them.

I could barely even deal with Slender when it was a trendy thing because it just freaked the hell out of me way too much. I remember seeing PewDiePie playing Slender: The Arrival and the level where it was dark and the grudge girl chased you while Slender chased you at the same time made me think "holy fuck, this game would kill me".

Skip to 2014 when I finally got my first computer, and I was finally able to try out some of the recent horror games. The first one I bought was actually Outlast. Again the same story. My stress levels start out high, and then as the game introduces itself and I gain control it spikes. Then I encounter the first real enemy and I just open up the main menu and quit.

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It's always been like this for me with these games. I just absolutely cannot play them because my stress spikes so much that I'm not even having fun. I almost feel in pain from how scary it is. I've never beaten a single horror game.

Recently however, I got a new computer. I wanted to try Amnesia: Rebirth, so I bought it and thought this time I'll play it like a normal game, and if I die in the game I'll just deal with it and keep trying. But it's just too much for me again. The freaking mines and going into a dark, cold tunnel. The uncertainty of all the sounds I'm hearing. The light management system. It's all just too much and I had to quit before I even saw the first monster.

Does anyone else have such a huge issue with playing horror? I can't even play the 30 minute long scary games.


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