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Destiny 2 has some of the worst writing I have seen in a AAA videogame

Content of the article: "Destiny 2 has some of the worst writing I have seen in a AAA videogame"

I just finished main story and two DLC content packs for Destiny 2 since it is free now and oh boy I don't want to play any more. Gameplay is great and visuals are amazing, programmers and artists really did their jobs. Writers didn't.

I am baffled that a team of people were paid hundreds of thousands of dollars over the course of months to re-tell Star Wars. Like seriously.

  1. Super weapon that can destroy planets/suns – Check
  2. Main bad guy in space armor with a triangle breathing mask leading an evil empire – Check
  3. Protagonist is the chosen one, last of the ancient order of warriors able to use the force, I mean light – Check
  4. Annoying robot companion – Check

It would be OK if there was a twist, but there isn't any. And it doesn't help that characters are cardboard cutouts. There is a stoic warrior guy, stoic smart wizard lady, soldier lady and wise cracking robot telling you Marvel jokes ( at least they tried with him).

Robot "ghost" that follows you is the worst companion I ever had in a game. Attempts at humor with this thing were so cringy and forced, I struggled not to turn of the game when the damn thing started talking.

Worst part happened at the end of the Warmind DLC where only really cool moment happens, an AI called Rasputin speaks in Russian and sound and visual design made really made my skin crawl, it looked and sounded

. And one character asks "what have we done awakening this monster?" And the other character turns around and says in the most out of place possible "Don't worry, We've got this!". Really? The AI God with unlimited destructive ability and reasoning beyond your comprehension is awakened in front of you and you got this? Really?

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This is exactly what happens when you give a cool sci-fi concept to an incompetent writer that doesn't have any idea what to do with it. I considered buying the new DLC since gunplay and visuals are amazing but writing changed my mind completely. Destiny 2 is the definition of wasted potential.


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