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Destiny 2 is an incredible game— if you have the time.

Content of the article: "Destiny 2 is an incredible game— if you have the time."

I recently decided to get back into Destiny. I stopped playing the first game just after the Taken King dropped, and I really enjoyed the game despite its flaws. So I bought all the Destiny 2 DLC and hopped right back in.

The game now has a “New Light” mode where you start off at essentially max level if you completed the main story and nothing else. It also gives you some basic direction on activities to do. You can do almost everything except raids and dungeons by yourself due to a matchmaking system that is fairly good.

I fell in love with Destiny 1 and 2 because of the world. The futuristic fantasy Solar System is such a good idea, and the enemies and locations are so interesting I always want to read more lore. Thankfully it’s actually readable in game this time.

The main gameplay loop of Destiny is probably what makes it so good. Combat is great, all the classes feel powerful and distinct from one another, and gear almost always feels powerful… until you get to the late game.

Around light level 1000 the game starts to slow down and turn into more of a grind as you start to complete all the various activities for the first time. You become more focused on getting the various legendary sets and exotic weapons/armor to pad out your stats and look cool. The main question really is: can you have enough fun doing the same missions over and over again?

For me, the answer is actually yes, which is surprising considering my usual distaste for MMOs and grinding in general. The basic gameplay of D2 is interesting and fun enough to stick around, and I still have yet to find groups to do most of the raids yet, which are an entirely different experience, and are quite possibly the most fun I’ve had with the game.

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There is no doubt that the game doesn’t really respect your time though. After 60 hours I’m still probably halfway to light level 1060, the max. Activities like raids, while fun, can be extremely time-consuming, and there’s almost never a guarantee that doing an activity will get you the loot you want. Quests and bounties can also be pretty boring and time-consuming as well, though thankfully they have a desired outcome.

Overall, Destiny 2 is still a very fun game that I have no regrets about returning to. If you don’t mind spending 3 hours a day on it, it can be very fun, though not always rewarding in a loot sense.


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