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Deus Ex has massively underachieved since the first game.

Content of the article: "Deus Ex has massively underachieved since the first game."

I played Deus Ex when I was in my early teens on a bad Intel pentium 4 pc that couldn't run GTA 3 or San Andreas well. But it could run Deus Ex. I was a kid who grew up on PS1 and Ps2 graphics so graphically, I was adaptable. I had played Contra, Mario and tons of cartridge games as a child all my life, the last thing I cared about what was how graphically innovative a game was, I wanted to have fun. That's all. And to this day, I still hold that belief, the last thing I'll ever complain about in a game is the graphics.

So I pirated Deus Ex. It changed my entire life. Born in 98 and in the height of illuminati conspiracy in the late 2000s,this game delivered something I didn't think was real. Meeting Stanton Dowd, meeting Walton Simons and characters like Bob Page, UNATCO, Majestic 12, The NSF, the first "boss" who tells you that you cannot fight ideas with bullets, going to Hong Kong and realizing that there's an underground corporation called VersaLife doing terrible things, talking to a local and learning about a book the Last And First Men by Olaf Stapleton, exploring morality beyond the black and white that is distinctly immature – those experiences changed me. To this day, there's not a game in existence I've played more than Deus Ex. And it was organic. Nobody told me to find it, I just knew it was an incredible game, right above Max Payne and Half Life at the time.

I swore then that I would get a better computer and play all the other Deus Ex games because the first one impelled me to do so. But I'm 22 now, I was 11 then, the only other Deus Ex game I've played is Human Revolution, which I'm playing now. I like the game, it's a little too gold for my taste, but it promises something I like. It's not real Deus Ex game. And thta sounds purist(wink), but it's not. I can't explain it, but you know it when you're playing it. Maybe that counts for more than describing it and giving a name.

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Surely, with all the rave reviews this series has gotten over the years, it should be at the forefront of gaming, no? The series took benign conversation and made it game-changing and ripe for replay. It took the commonplace and made it alchemy. Take for instance in my current playthrough of Human Revolution: I found a fire extinguisher on the ground and my mind was harked back to the UNATCO raid in the 'Renton, how I used an extinguisher to go nonlethal and stun the enemies, when I saw an extinguisher I figured mhm, this could be useful. But that did not happen. The game did not let me use it as a nonlethal weapon, much less equip it. In the old game you could use it, use a random knife, use pepper spray, use a frigging baton to get the job done. You could shoot the fire extinguisher if I recall correctly.

The streets were alive in that game. It didn't feel like you were playing a game centred on reality to me, it felt like you were playing a game centred on a parallel world where everything is slightly different and the rules were a little different and the world was a little different albeit with humanity in the lead.

Today, playing the game I've wanted to play for years, I realize that the evolution of Deus Ex is a pipe dream. It's not gonna happen. Iteration and evolution are not the same thing.

This is a game series that has failed to build on the masterful foundations of DE 1. It has not only failed to build on it, it has also massively underachieved and punched below its weight.

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Some believe the series to have died. I think so too. It's just not followed its natural progression.

Was Deus Ex lightning in a bottle? I hope not. Sincerely, as a fan, I really hope that it's not done.


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