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Deus Ex Randomizer v1.3.3.7 – lots of fixes and improvements since the previous Reddit post

Content of the article: "Deus Ex Randomizer v1.3.3.7 – lots of fixes and improvements since the previous Reddit post"

The last time I made a Reddit post was for v1.3 Beta, and along with the help of The Astropath, there's been lots of small improvements since then.

  • random names for unimportant characters

  • reduced difficulty of default flags

  • buffed scopes and binoculars

  • autosave improvements, and keeping a hardsave for each "mission" just in case you have to go back farther

  • passcodes now preserve the original length

  • big metal crates are now destructible with 2000hp (very unlikely to be destroyed by accident)

  • bug fixes, including some bugs that were in the original game

  • many other bug fixes and QoL improvements

v1.3.3.7 Options Screen

here are the 49 commits that have happened since v1.3 beta…v1.3.3.7

Check out The Astropath's playthrough here (he started the game with v1.3)


Copy the DeusEx.u file into your Deus ExSystem folder, which is probably C:Program Files (x86)SteamsteamappscommonDeus ExSystem

Recommended to use it with Kentie's Deus Exe Launcher, or Han's Launcher

Currently in v1.3.3.7, DXRando randomizes

  • adding and changing characters, giving them random names and making some of them dance

  • changing the locations of items/boxes/NanoKeys around the map

  • passwords and passcodes

  • the locations of datacubes

  • exp costs for skills

  • what augmentations are in each canister

There are also settings for

  • making all doors that normally require a key also lockpickable/destructible

  • making all keypads hackable.

  • reducing the drop rate for ammo, multitools, lockpicks, medkits, and bioelectric cells

  • starting the game with the running speed augmentation

  • autosave

  • removing invisible walls

For the randomized passwords, you can copy-paste from the Goals/Notes screen.

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