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DEV My new game ‘Orion’ is now released! Keys giveaway and Beta results.

Content of the article: "DEV My new game ‘Orion’ is now released! Keys giveaway and Beta results."

Hello everyone, it took a year to get here but now it's finally ready! First I'd like to thank all the beta testers for helping me get a better insight on what needed to be improved and what needed to be fixed (every single bug report I received has been fixed!). Unfortunately I could not find a way to reward the beta testers directly with Google Play as it was my plan to gift all of them a key to remove ads, so instead, I decided to do a giveaway on launch day!


For the first 24h (ends at 12pm GMT+1 October 17th) the first 200 people to send me a pm will receive a key to remove ads! (if you participated in the beta let me know and I'll send you a key anyway)

About the game:

Orion is a minimalist arcade game which combines mini-golf and air hockey in fun and unique skill based levels with some elements of puzzle in the mix. It's an experience, or, as the title suggests, a journey. The game has a calm sense to it, along with great visuals and pleasing colors.

The game consists of 200 hand made levels, where each level is very quick to complete, as such, there are no loading or level completed screens. Everything is dynamic.


  • Play Offline
  • 200 Handmade levels
  • Multiple ways of beating the same level
  • All levels are free
  • Game progress is saved automatically
  • Achievements

Beta Improvements:

  • New level pack with a new unique mechanic
  • Reworked a lot of the levels to make them more fun to complete
  • Improved all of the game audio and added a lot of new sounds
  • Improved default background effects
  • Improved some animations
  • Added new achievements
  • Reduced respawn time by a lot
  • Lots of bug fixes
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Special thanks:

  • Every single one of the beta testers for being awesome and helping me improve the game
  • Subreddit moderators for doing a great job

Links to the game:

Orion on Google Play

Orion on the App Store

I made it with Unity, any questions, feedback or suggestion is highly appreciated!

Have fun!


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