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Dev VN Game SLHOR Episode – 1 available for free

Content of the article: "Dev VN Game SLHOR Episode – 1 available for free"

Slhor is a horror, mystery, and thriller game by an indie developer Ritvik Shukla, the game is inspired by the works of H.P Lovecraft in which you play as John Hawk, a retired detective, now a private investigator. The game follows John Hawk as he tries to survive the horrors of Slhor Island while maintaining his sanity. The game also offers choices that will change certain events in the story.

People who played the demo:-

"This was really good, I like the atmosphere that they've got it's pretty decent…It has a pretty good foundation for the story, I'm actually surprised." -Ionprime on Youtube

"So far, the game looks amazing and has a great storyline. The graphics are realistic and it is quite refreshing to see this type of game portrayed in such a beautiful manner. The only issue surrounding the game is the spelling of certain words."

-TDKDragon Explosion

"I played the full demo and loved it! I liked the style and tempo of the story.
Curious to see how to story continues. Sure will keep an eye on this horror novel!" -ButtonBashBros

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You can download it for Android here:- If the download doesn't start with chrome in android use opera.

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