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DEV Working on a gaming social media app need some feedback

Content of the article: "DEV Working on a gaming social media app need some feedback"

Hi guys I need your feedback on this project that I've been working on. It's an app where you can easily record, edit and share your gaming clips from your phone, PC or consoles, think of it as tiktok but exclusively for gaming. I feel that there is not really any platform where people can share their gaming clips and engage with others easily. Of course there's Reddit but the experience is not seamless, you get interrupted by text forums and have to separately visit subreddits to get content for your favourite games. I am thinking more on the side of a social media for gamers to share their clips with their friends and possibly rest of the world

There is no creator tool for gamers out there which enables people to easily record and edit their clips. Honestly, I have personally backed out of uploading so many CSGO/PUBG plays I recorded, solely due to the fact that I would have had to edit them before I could share the clip. I believe with easy to use editing tools it is possible to remove this friction and make it accessible for everyone to effortlessly share their gaming moments with the world.

As of now the app has a tiktok-like feed where you can scroll through a bunch of short gaming videos. If you're interested here's the link for the prototype <>. I have also created a discord server <> where I am online all the time and I ask you guys to come and give me your valuable feedback and help me out, every little thing counts so please do not hesitate.

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Thank you so much for taking out your time and reading through the whole thing, I hope you'll try out the prototype and share your honest thoughts with me <3

TLDR: I'm trying to make a short video sharing platform for gaming with easy to use editing tools. Have made a prototype for the same and would really appreciate if anyone could check it out and share their honest and brutal opinions.

The link to download the prototype :


Discord server:



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