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Did anyone else get an update that broke their console? Well, let me explain

Content of the article: "Did anyone else get an update that broke their console? Well, let me explain"

So, last night, I was watching Hunter X Hunter on Hulu. Everything is fine. It was like, 7pm.

Then when I got to episode 53, hulu cut into only subbed episodes, signifying that there were no more english dub episodes on hulu.

I didn't feel like reading, so I decided to go check Funimation for more dubbed episodes.

When I tried to open Funimation, it said I had to do a system update before I could use it. So I did.

The console updated and reset.

It booted back up just fine. But there was a catch.

When I went to go open Funimation again, my console got frozen on the funimation logo screen. It must have been 5 or so minutes before I finally caved and held down the power button, turning it off by force.

Then, I rebooted, and tried again.

I went to the funimation app, opened it, and the same thing happened again.

This time when I tried to reboot, the console went to the screen that shows a bar filling up after you didn't turn your PS4 off properly.

The loading bar on this screen got stuck at 24% for a couple minutes, until it finally said "cannot start the PS4, connect dualshock with the PS button".

Then when I did connect the dualshock, it prompted me to insert a flash drive that contains an update file that I don't have.

Okay. This is real bad news.

I unbooted and tried again. Same thing.

And again. Same thing.

Then I googled.

Google told me I should "power cycle" my console by unplugging the power cord and waiting 20 minutes. I did this.

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I also changed out the power cord for good measure.

This time, when I booted up, the loading screen stayed stuck on 24% for a good minute, leading me to believe this had failed.

But then, it actually continued loading instead of shitting the bed. It went all the way up to 100% and my console booted. Wonderful right?

Wrong. As soon as I tried to open up funimation again, it froze, and I turned it off, again.

I tried several more times to power cycle and it just wasn't working anymore.

Since then, I've tried leaving it unplugged all day while I was at work.

I got home. I switched the power cord again for good measure, and plugged it in. Tried to boot up again, and failed, with the same prompt.

Now I'm just wondering, what do? How do? What or how do I do now?

How do I fix it?

I've had this console for 5 years. It's an OG THIIICCCC ps4 that I bought back in 2015 used from my friend, so it's older than 5 years old, I'm just not sure how old exactly. It's been through a lot. It's also very outdated, which I think may be why the update nuked my console.

I'm not sure. Pls help.


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