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Didn’t think I’d like a card-game until I played Slay The Spire

You all should try Slay the Spire, especially anyone who likes Dead Cells or other roguelikes. I think those who don't like card games or are hesitant to try a card game should give this one a shot, because I was in that boat. After hearing endless positive reviews, I took the plunge. I was almost immediately hooked.

It's a deck-building game with pretty simple mechanics. You pick among 4 different characters with unique abilities. You start off with about 13 or so cards, and you fight monsters in a dungeon, and progress to the next, higher-level dungeon until you get to the boss of that Act. With each fight, you can gain a card to add to your deck, or a relic to boost your stats for that entire run, or potions to help you out. Each character has their own cards and abilities. With each run, the cards you pick up will be different. You have to pick a strategy as you go and adapt it as the circumstances change (what are the upcoming fights? what cards are available to you? how large is my deck?). The strategy mainly revolves around focusing on a synergy or two in your deck, which is tons of fun because there's various possible synergies and you're forced to focus on different synergies in each run because the runs are significantly different/randomized each time. When you die, you lose everything, nothing rolls over except EXP. However, depending on how much exp you gained, brand new cards are unlocked for your future runs, giving you even more synergies and potential to beat the game. Each run is often significantly different, as your deck can drastically differ depending on what cards are rolled and what starting character you picked. The gameplay is so addicting. I love the fact that it's turnbased, because I can just fuck around and do w.e. I want IRL in the middle of a boss battle. I'm also playing Sekiro right now, so this game is a great contrast to that, as its much less stressful due to its turn-based gameplay but still requires a lot of thought for each turn. But it's slow, at-your-own-pace thinking instead of real-time quick reactions.

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The game's pretty challenging, especially since I haven't played a card game in years. The last I've played were on the gameboy advance, (some YuGiOH game and DBZ: Legendary Super Warriors). It took me forever to beat Act 3. However, every time I died, I was able to understand why I died. Either I didn't grab enough block cards, or I took the wrong path in the Act, or I tried going for a specific synergy when I had another one available to me, etc. With each loss, I learned why I lost, and it made me much more confident for my next run. Once you start learning the ropes of the game, that's when you become hooked.

Everyone should try this game out, unless you hate cardgames AND roguelikes. If you DISlike only one of those two genres, you should try this out because it's so different. It's surprisingly very easy to get into for a game that is very complex under the surface. Everyone needs to experience that dopamine rush that comes with massacring a Boss in 1-2 turns after building up such great synergies in your deck.


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