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Different Combat modes?

I commented this on a reply to an earlier post of mine. I think it deserved a post of its own.

Quote :

I despise auto matchmaking cross class PvP duels. Some classes are simply not made to duel each other, and that makes it very unfun for the weaker class.

I would love if there were arenas or batches purely based on weapon (not skills, just the weapon and we can have a classless system) so there's SOME fairness, because you would know the core skills of the other player(which are the same as yours) and you can actually depend on your real life skill.

Now don't get me wrong, there should be cross – class PvP, yes, but not a formal tournament or championship, not in the NPC kingdoms.

Assuming all safe Zones are NPC kingdoms, the open PvP could be the Player guild areas. Here, people can play in guild wars/small team battles and cover each other's weaknesses. They could also hold tournaments of their own using Discord/forums, and even cross class duels. So, people who want cross class PvP can head to the wilderness to find players.

Imagine if there was a event tournament (separate from the individual class tournaments) as a team battle where you NEED specific weapons on each member – and every few days the pattern changes – Knuckle, Sword, Sword, Staff; then Dual wield, Shield, Archer, Archer; then Two Handed sword, Two Handed sword, Knuckle, Katana, etc.

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This would make everyone feel like they can also play PvP. Of course, you can chose to not take part in team battles and only play solo matches.

I hate repeated grinding PvE. The people with bots and alts and plenty of free time ruin the fun for everyone. Why must drops be rare and you have to fight the same boss/dungeon over and over? Repeating the same boss again and again loses the essence of fighting.

The boss/pack of mobs itself should spawn rarely, and an occurrence is like major news, and you call all your guildmates/team up with whoever's near and decide how to split the rewards, and the drops are guaranteed.

Or you decide to take on it yourself, and increase rewards for self.



I'm extremely sorry, my phrasing is still unpolished and I didn't really clear my thoughts before writing them down in that comment. I also gave the raw comment, without providing much commentary on what changed. I will try to address some of those problems.

I understand what most of you mean by we should not have instanced Tournaments or people won't play in the wild. I do love playing in the open and the wild, and the thrill and excitement.

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And progress will be truly determined by open PvP, that includes Server Politics, Schemes, Plans by players to achieve something.

However reading your replies made me realise that I wanted something completely different. An ideal solution would be if the developers decide to make ANOTHER game with the same combat Mechanics as their MMORPG. I was misleading myself into thinking this was a part of an MMORPG, but I was wrong.

The closest thing would be perhaps the players themselves could hold Weapon specific tournaments in their guild areas/other open zones, and specifically in Sandbox MMORPGs, not all of them.

This way, the tournament won't be conducted by the Developers, and will be prone to ambush from other guilds/players/factions. This means I have a concious choice to make : Do I attend the tournament (held in secret via Discord/Forums) and risk getting caught in the crossfire between the attacks performed by rouges to cause chaos, OR do I stay in a safe place away from guild politics? It would add the much needed risk factor that my initial idea lacked.

Thank you so much for making me come to this realisation. I try to learn something from every comment, and try to avoid mistakes. I can't always do that, but I really do appreciate that you took your time to point out flaws in my opinion. It helps me get better.

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