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Dirt Rally 2.0 is my favorite racing game. I just love to play only one or two races every day

As in title. Most of the times when I'll play the game I need to get into a certain mindset that I'll be spending a long time, Dirt Rally is an addiciting game for me because it hasshort races but still feel super intense.

First of all, what is Rally (and Dirt Rally for that matter)?

Rally is a motorsport which involves taking tuned hatchbacks and racing them in a dirt road in the middle of the finnish backwoods while you drift 150 km/h and jump while trying to not run over the suicidal audience composed by the local farmers. The races are basically time trails, each driver has it's turn on the track and goes to next one, driving in various locales alternating between gravel, tarmac, snow, mud and exposed to the weather and any other hazards God throws in.

Now you might be thinking "So you're not racing against other drivers? That sounds boring!" and I would normally agree with you. I also get recently for very cheap the simulator "Asseto Corsa" on sale and if you play on time trial it's… just not the same. That's what makes DR so effective, you have to be very fast but you don't have the margin for error of a circuit and neither you can just hold the trigger and press brake sometimes like an arcade racer. You are in very narrow and curvy roads, you constantly have to press the breaks, pull the handbrake are the right time, constantly adjust steering, slide in roads with low grip, change gears, all while you listen to the instructions of the co-driver telling you what is coming three turns after this one. Playing the camapign mode? The demages go to the next stage. Broke the lights? Well good luck because the next stage is at dusk. The margin for mistakes is minimal, it seems that you've made a perfect turn but you slightly oversteer and hit a rock puncturing your rear tire. It's so intense.

And as I said, it wouldn't work if this was an arcade instead of a simulator, the fun comes from juggling all those elements, which would be simplified or downright removed in an arcade game. That's why games like Forza Horizon (certain tracks) or SEGA Rally are raly-themed games rather then rally games. Without all this juggling, you need to race against other opponents to make it truly exciting (nothing against those games btw).

That begin said, I played the career mode but have since moved to other games. To satiate by thirst of Dirt Rally, almost every day I launch it up and play one or two stages in either time trial or the "Daily Challenge". In the Daily Challenge you are limited to either one car or class of cars and have only to do one stage, the catch? You can't restart or exit, and you use the cars from your career mode, so any demagaes you get you'll have to pay with your career money.

A lot of car options. All handle and play differently. They are all perfect recreations and sound great. You have from vintage Minis, the uncontrollable monsters of Group B (with one of my favorites, the Audi Quattro and its hellish engine) to the R5, the most modern category (although not the most powerful used irl, that category goes to the Rally1/WRC cars, R5/Rally2 are used on WRC2 and 3 as well on non-WRC rally compeitions). Not to mention RallyGT, the most hilarious category, yes let's try racing a RWD 2-tons Camaro in a shitty dirt road, what can possible go wrong?

My personal recommendations for begginers are Rally H2 like the Golf GTI 16V (they are FWD, so more controllable the RWD, but faster and more fun than H1 vehicles but not as fast as the rest). The F2 Kit Cars (90s souped-up hatchbacks) or the R2 (modern Rally but for lower, less powerful categories).

In any case, let's talk about technical stuff. Graphics are great, from the semi-arid hills of Greece, rolling plains of Poland, autumnal forests of New England to snow-covered Sweden. But the sound is the special part here, it is so great, only play this game in headphones, seriously. Besides the almost pernographic sounds of the cars (shoutout to the turbo flutters and beastial engines of the Audi Quattro S1) you have stuff like gravel hitting the bottom of car, authentic to anyway who has driven a car in dirt roads.

Also, Rallycross is… there, I guess.


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