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Disappointed with Gun Club VR

Content of the article: "Disappointed with Gun Club VR"

I know that this game is well liked in this subreddit, and I purchased the game because of glowing recommendations. Now, I'm not a gun nut, but the idea of having a relatively straight-forward shooting game with lots of modes apealled to me. Something I can just hop into and shoot some targets in every now and then.

Right off the bat, the long black loading screen without a single image to look at was frustrating. I always go cross-eyed on these pure black screens. Even a single, low-polygon model of a gun would have sufficed here.

Then there is the tutorial: I haven't played with my Moves for a while, and here I am trying to remember which button is the triangle button and having to move my headset off to look at it because they couldn't be bothered to put a graphic of the Move on the screen like every other game. This isn't a big deal, but like the loading screen, its indicative of the lack of polish and basic QoL I've come to expect.

Then, later in the tutorial while at the free range, I was wonkily fiddling with the flashlight attachment that the game forces you to put on in order to progress the tutorial. When I figured out how to get it to actually attach, the game didn't register that it was attached and spawned another flashlight attachment. It wasn't until I detached the current flashlight and then attached the second flashlight that it updated. Shortly after, I did the next tutorial part with the 2-hand weapon. After wonkily trying to charge the weapon without the game thinking I was trying to hold the gun with two hands, and shooting the target, the tutorial didn't seem to update. I left the spot in the shooting range, didn't see any prompts for what I was supposed to do next, and then exited the free range mode. I guess the tutorial was over because I saw nothing else related to a tutorial from then on.

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Okay, sure. Good riddance with the tutorial. I continued on just doing the new events as they were unlocked. They are mostly pretty fun. The actual shooting itself is satisfying. It seems to track well and is accurate. But the stages are incredibly short. It got me just wishing I could select the stage type, length, difficulty, and do some shooting without having to sequentially unlock one very short stage at a time. But having to unlock one easy, short stage at a time is exactly what I am forced to do.

I thought the radio announcer stock sound effects were annoying and turned them off in the options, but this only turned off some of them. Sigh.

I found the choice of having the targets shoot at you to be baffling, especially with no option to turn off the effect. The game presents itself as a pretty down-to-earth and more realistic gun sim. So why are the cardboard cutouts shooting bullets at me. Why am I standing out im the open, if my cardboard cutouts have become sentient and are trying to murder me. Would I really jump out into the open, without even charging my weapon first, if this was the case? Most of the time they don't even pose much threat and my life rarely goes below 90, even in some cases where their shots look to be going directly through my head. So it made me question why they even added it, being so inconsistent with the rest of the experience. I thought it was okay in the nazi-killing mode, but in modes where you appear to be in a warehouse or shooting gallery shooting cardboard cutouts, its just awkward and breaks immersion. Again, a bazillion ways to customize my gun but when it comes to customizing the gameplay there is far, far less. If they are going to make these modes arcadey, then maybe just make an auto-reload and auto-charge option so I can play it arcade style.

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At this point I am regretting my purchase. I came to the conclusion that I would rather play some polished arcade shooter with a single pistol, because I don't care about a bazillion slightly different attachments, using a wonky 2 handed gun, or the general focus of gun customization that seems to have come at the expense of basic Quality of Life features, game options, and even some bug fixes.

If anyone could recommend a game that does let you just go in and shoot, with longer stages, difficulty selection, etc. let me know. I don't think this one is for me. The ratio of shooting to fiddling is too low.


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