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Disappointed with Mass Effect

Content of the article: "Disappointed with Mass Effect"

Finished playing all 3 games minus andromeda. I don't know if I should even attempt it. Last game finished so awkwardly and unsatisfactory imo. I played all games as default character and soldier class.

I gotta say I really loved ME1. Combat was really different. You couldn't just spray and pray. UI was really good as well. Really felt like I had a lot of customization options with gear. Story finished great. I was excited to see more about reapers. They portraited reapers quite scary. I felt quite hopeless to face them.

I started playing ME2 right after. I love that you can import save's and keep using same character and keep your choices. But this is probably my least favourite of all series. Gear customization feels like an afterthought. You can't see how much damage your weapons do. Seriously who thought this was a good idea lol? I had to look at wiki to see if a weapon was an upgrade or a downgrade. Also you can't hide your helmet. You can do it in 1 and 3 but not 2, really weird. Overall ship and crew felt more lifelike than first. Story felt so stupid though. You take a dead alliance soldier and revive it to fight for basically rich terrorist. Still dunno why they had to kill shephard though. Now my character is a cyborg I guess. This whole game felt weird for me. Combat is more generalized and now we have ammos out of all sudden. Movement and cover definitely I proved from the first game. Mini games were another thing I liked. They were fun to do for me. It was a fun game to play from start to finish.

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I started playing ME3 right after as well. I gotta say this is the most polished game out of all. Combat is really fluid. I like the gun fights. Customizations and gear choices are back. But now it's actually really improved. I really loved most side quests and stories. Except main story. It felt like so cliche I guess. We gathered all these guys just to play 2 missions in the end where I go and kill everyone. You just see the guys you helped in a cgi cutscenes and nothing more. I would have liked the ending more if we didn't get the kid that told us about what would happen with our choices.

I guess I feel disappointing because I finished kotor 1 and 2 before playing this. I kinda expected more. Overall good game series, enjoyable to play but left a sour taste for me.


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