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Disco Elysium or Detroit Become Human? (PC)

Content of the article: "Disco Elysium or Detroit Become Human? (PC)"

Game(s) I am considering: Disco Elysium or Detroit Become Human on PC

The game(s) interest me because: I've been mainly playing story driven games for the past year or so, and they both look like a great story experience.

My concerns about purchasing the game(s): I only have the budget to purchase one of them. One seems to give lots of freedom to do what I want (builds and answers), but I hate CRPGs; while the other seems more like a linear story.

Games I've liked and why: I've played Life is Strange 1 and 2 and loved them. Also been playing some detective VNs lately like the whole Danganronpa saga and Zero Escape. Also planning on doing Ace Attorney soon.

Games I've disliked and why: I don't usually like CRPGs but mainly because of the "real time with pause" combat which I know Disco Elysium doesn't have (or barely)

So in conclusion when it comes to it, the fact that I liked Life is Strange might sway you towards Detroit, but since I also like some detective stuff it might sway you towards Disco Elysium. I know quite some stuff about DE but almost nothing about Detroit (it plays like a linear game like Life is Strange?)

Disco Elysium is on sale right now for 30 bucks, while Detroit is 40 but hasn't gone on sale since it came out (well it went down 10% once i think). I'm inclined towards Disco Elysium since its about 10 hours longer and cheaper, but my dislike for CRPGs in the past is pushing me away. While I hate the combat, the slow exploration can also be a pain in the ass, but on the other hand, I love the concept of leveling different social skills and creating my own "talk your way out of this" build which pretty much every game (except maybe fallout) lacks.

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On the other hand I've heard Detroit is an amazing game with a great story. So whoever has played both, or knows a lot about them. Which one would you buy in my shoes? If you could only play 1 in your life which would it be?


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