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Discover new Twitch streamers based on their streaming schedule consistency!

Hello there,

I have created a website that allows you to discover new Twitch streamers based on their streaming schedule consistency, over the last 60 days.

This is possible through Twitch public API. And it is different from page because it is based on historical broadcasts.

It shows a list of streamers sorted by consistency. Each streamer has 4 bars, that represent the next hours. Depending on the bar color and, how taller it is, the more likely the streamer will continue to stream. Probability calculation is done based on the last 60 days (60 days = 100%).

Here is the website:

It is a fun project to work on. I have learned so much in the process. And I know the idea is, of a particular niche, but here it is anyways.

I also wanted to help streamers that are consistent but, do not have many viewers. By giving them extra exposure through my website.

For now, it only shows the top 500 Twitch streamers, but I hope in the next release, to have a featured section in which it will show five or so, streamers that have less than 100 or 200 viewers but have a strong schedule consistency.

I believe with this, people wanting to discover / watch a new streamer, may choose one from the website list, thus helping them out to increase their user base.

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There are other nice to have features in Roadmap page.

If you have feedback, would love to hear from you! Or if you have questions / queries, would love to answer them 🙂

Thank you for your time.


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