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Dishonored 2 is an incredible experience worthy of being played multiple times.

A few days ago I decided to install and play Dishonored 2, because why not. It wasn't my first time playing it, I finished it back in 2019, both as Corvo and as Emily, and I already knew then that this game is special. This time I felt like making a post here about it, so here it goes.

Allow me to get into a tangent here first. You see, I am a pretty boring player. In most open world games that allow me to do things stealthly, that's all I do, even if there aren't many fun ways to do it. Far Cry 3/4? Once I get my hands on a nice sniper rifle, I won't use anything else (yes, I do like Sniper Elite, how did you know?). Skyrim? Sneaking everywhere, letting my companions rush in my place. New Vegas? Max stealth and speech are obligatory, no matter how many times I play it. Maybe I'm a bit of a coward, maybe I'm so bad at games that I just avoid fights at all costs, maybe I was a thief in a a past life, whatever the reason may be, being sneaky is my favorite playstyle… and oooh boy, does Dishonored 2 deliver in this regard.

But what makes it special to me is that it makes me want to play differently, try different paths, choices, playstyles. The first time I played it, I went with Corvo, and tried to not kill many people, because come on, I don't want to be the villain of the story. It's a cool story, the graphics look good, the maps are beautifully designed and very detailed(enough has been said about the mechanical mansion, but I feel like the whole game is a lesson in level design), and all the powers I loved in the first game are back. Nice. I rarely replay a game after beating it but this was not a long game and I wanted more, so after finishing it I couldn't help but start another playthrough as Emily. Well, I've seen the good ending before, so why not be evil this time? So the second time, I heard different lines, saw darker outcomes, saw a lot more blood, a pretty different experience from the first and also pretty damn fun despite turning Emily into a psycho.

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That was in 2019. When I started a new campaign a few days ago, I was going for the achievements. Not all of them, mind you, just a few that I wanted and seemed achievable. Finishing the game without killing a single person and without being spotted by anyone? Let's go Emily, you'll do it right this time. It was hard, took me a lot of time and a lot of savescumming, but I did it. I defeated Delilah and all her allies without dropping a single drop of blood, and no one ever saw me: the perfect ending. In this playthrough I also solved the Jindosh Lock all by myself, which is something I'm very proud of. Damn, this game is great. Now let's do it all again, but without powers, and as Corvo and as a psycho again just to mix things up. It's like a different game altogether. I can't teleport, see through walls, possess living beings or stop time. Reaching anywhere without blink or far reach is more difficult, but almost always possible because the level designers at Arkane are wizards. Every fight is frenectic and hard, which in turn makes me explore every corner of every level to get enough money to fully upgrade my equipment. I face head on every single enemy that I so carefully avoided in my previous playthrough, I'm no longer a merciful goddess, but instead a vengeful mortal with a sword and a pistol and bloodlust. No one escapes my wrath. At the end I don't even save Emily, she stays as a statue forever, because I don't want her to see what I've turned into or what I've done to this kingdom… and also cause I like sitting on this throne.

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To wrap things up, I love this game. Most games that I like are either too long to warrant a replay, or too linear, or just intended to be played in a way that I don't enjoy enough to play a second time… but not Dishonored 2. Sorry for the convoluted wall of text, but thanks for reading it anyway. I haven't played Death of the Outsider yet, by the way, but I plan to, and knowing Arkane I know I'll enjoy it.

TL;DR: Dishonored 2 is nice.


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