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Divinity Original Sin 2

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For Divinity Original Sin 2, most people have said this game is good for tactical play / combat

But 1 person here said that builds don't matter as much as story. They said "fights get repetitive very soon and at that point you will quit eventually anyway so why bother"

People generally say it's better to pick Lohse for the story. I don't care about the story. Is really boring and long. Seems like 99% of the text and choices does not matter to the actual game of turn based tactical combat. So it's pointless to read any of it. It takes too long to get the next battle

The vast amount of people have said this game is good for tactical play / combat, but are they mistaken? Since 1 person here said that fights get repetitive

This is a tactical rpg, but maybe it's mainly just an rpg?

For companion, what companion you choose is meaningless if you just want to play the combat, someone said. So I guess this doesn't matter: Do any of the companions provide more interesting tactical play than the other options?

The best guide seems to be on

But maybe none of this matters? Does any of these builds have the most interesting tactics?

Or should pick a different hero/person? Skills + talents are all part of the builds so don't care about those stuff. It's on the site that has the builds for the most interesting tactics

What's the best build for interesting tactics?

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What's the best site that ranks builds by the most interesting tactics the build provides?

The vast majority of people have this game is good for tactical play / combat, but it seems most people on this Reddit is saying that's not the case? Do we have like totally different players or something?

Is it cos most people are casual players, and the players on r/DivinityOriginalSin played the game so much that they're hardcore players, and find the tactics combat boring? Is that what's going on?

How could there be such different groups of players with such mixed msgs? Those within r/DivinityOriginalSin and the rest of people outside of r/DivinityOriginalSin who apparently doesn't have the understanding that people in r/DivinityOriginalSin have ? Does everyone else have such an extreme lack of understanding of this game that apparently those in r/DivinityOriginalSin has?

Most people have said this game is good for tactical play / combat. Is that not the case and other games would be better for this? If so, what tactics game? I guess most people in r/DivinityOriginalSin are rpg players, and not tactics players, so I guess they won't know about this


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