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DmC: Devil May Cry and Bayonetta

Content of the article: "DmC: Devil May Cry and Bayonetta"

I've wanted to play these games for many years, being a fan of DMC3. So I played and finished both of their Steam releases in the last few weeks.

To me, the whole point of these games is to massacre demons with sword combos while listening to some brutal tunes. I was glad to find in both games the equivalents of the Stinger and Million Stabs moves from DMC3.

The DmC reboot (2013) has little to do with the originals and features a straightforward dystopian setting. Despite being a controversial game, it felt like a good and polished experience, like I heard from Totalbiscuit long ago. Animations are nice and some of the environments are really creative, distorting like nightmares or something. The combat is fine and quite accessible. The music has a certain style that's quite satisfying and fitting. I think it's a solid enjoyable game overall.

Bayonetta (2010) felt more like a niche experimental game. The setting is quite mysterious and the protagonist has amnesia during the whole game. I found it a very hard and frustrating game that doesn't explain some core mechanics. There's some cool combos and you can equip weapons to both hands and feet. I wanted to like it more, but I don't think it's for me. The music is not bad, but was a big disappointment to me, with most of it not fitting the action IMO. On the same note, the combat has a distinct style and most moves lack impact and don't stun enemies. Instead you're supposed to focus on precise dodging to trigger the witch time mechanic. This limits the gameplay options a lot IMO and requires too much practice to get decent at. Another big issue is having many QTEs, some of which are insta-deaths. And another are the annoying on-rails shooter missions. And then the camera is also bad. The game feels like it wants to be bigger than it should be and lacks polish. There's many unlockables too that require replays and I'm afraid I won't be experiencing them. I don't think I would recommend this game to most people, but I do recommend this detailed review by The Sphere Hunter that covers a lot of interesting stuff including its development.

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I also found it interesting how both games share a few concepts, like the Limbo/Purgatorio setting, the amnesia of the protagonist and concept of children from opposing factions representing light/dark. I wonder if DmC ripped off this stuff from Bayonetta.

I still wish I liked Bayonetta more. Maybe I played it wrong? How was your experience with it?


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