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Do FPS even really matter…?

Content of the article: "Do FPS even really matter…?"

A lot of people are very focused on the FPS count in video games, which is understandable. Seeing a 60+FPS game next to a game that only manages to get to 30FPS is breathtaking. It looks so much clearer, so much smoother. It seems like such a big step up that it becomes an entirely new experience.

I'm a big GTA San Andreas enthusiast and played that game a lot in recent years. Once you turn the frame limiter off, it looks great with just how fluid and smooth everything feels.

However, the game has a bug where you swim veeeery slowly if the limiter is off. So naturally, once I got into the water, I would turn the frame limiter on so I could turn it off again afterwards. I swam for a bit until I got to a boat, which I then climbed and rode to the shore with. I was once again on land, got myself a car and drove off into the distance.

Fast forward like a couple of hours of playing.
I was once again confronted with a large chunk of water to swim through. "Ah shit, here we go again", I said, went into the options menu and … saw that, to my suprise, the frame limiter was turned on. My FPS were locked at 30, but I played for all this time without even realizing anything was different.

Side by side, the difference between 30 and 60 seems massive. But does it really matter if you get used to the difference over the course of, like, a few minutes at most? After which both of them will look exactly the same to you no matter what?

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Or am I the only one who feels this way?

This probably doesn't apply to certain other genres of games, like fighting games, where other factors come into play.

In general, though, I feel like the amount of FPS doesn't matter that much since it feels pretty much the same after getting used to it. Frame Drops, however, are a much more noticable problem that can really mess with the game experience.

Maybe I'm just misinformed or something, or maybe my example didn't really mean that much, but from my experience, the difference between 30 FPS games and 60+ FPS games always seemed negligible.


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