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Do I not like open world games? Or have I been playing the wrong ones? (Looking at Horizon Zero Dawn)

Content of the article: "Do I not like open world games? Or have I been playing the wrong ones? (Looking at Horizon Zero Dawn)"

Hey all,

I've been looking at Horizon Zero Dawn lately, which looks really cool, but I'm worried. I've been feeling kind of disillusioned with open world games lately. I just got a PC a couple months ago, and most of my open world experience on PC has been kinda meh. I haven't really had bad experiences, but when I think of the games that I've loved so far, none of them have been open world games, and that makes me a bit hesitant to spend $50 on an open world game.

So my problem is that I'm not sure if it's open world games that I find boring, or if it's just the open world games that I've happened to play. So far I've tried Fallout 4, which was fun for a while, but couldn't hold my interest. Then I got Fallout: New Vegas, which didn't really grab me at all. And last: Far Cry: New Dawn, which literally felt like work to play, and is the only purchase that I truly regret, even though I got it for like $5 on sale.

In contrast, none of the games that I've loved have been open world. My favorite game so far has been Control, followed closely by Tomb Raider 2013 (I'm still playing Rise right now), followed equally closely by Dead Space (Yes, the 2008 one).

So based on that, I'd say open world games just aren't for me, but there have been non-open-world games that I haven't enjoyed either. Bioshock, Doom 2016, and Borderlands 2 all lost my interest after a few hours.

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I have been really interested in Horizon Zero Dawn after seeing some reviews and gameplay. The combat looks great, and the world looks really cool. I'm just worried because the last game I bought because the world looked good was Far Cry: New Dawn, and it was awful.

Should I give it a shot? Or should I accept my incompatibility with open world games? Or are there better open world games that I should try?

Give me your thoughts. I'm new to PC gaming and I'm just trying to figure out what I like.

Note: I know there's a lot of discussion about the problems with the PC port of Horizon Zero Dawn, but that's not my main concern right now. It'll be a bit before I finish up the games I have, so hopefully it'll have some updates by then.


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