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Do you consider people who only play a few games and mainly just one “real” gamers or casuals

Content of the article: "Do you consider people who only play a few games and mainly just one “real” gamers or casuals"

Think of someone who has literally only ever played fifa, COD and maybe a handful of other games if that. This is honestly the a huge portion of players as far as I know which would not be considered “gamers” usually meaning “real” gamer since casual gamers are called casuals. Almost everyone I have ever talked to about it agreed with this philosophy and I do as well yet I’m starting to become aware that some think the opposite.

My argument is that if playing one game a lot makes you a “real gamer” then everyone would be. Who hasn’t gotten addicted to a game whether it’s mw2 or gta5 or Skyrim or something? Yet again none of these people would ever call themselves or be considered as such in my experience.

At the same time when talking about one game in particular a “hardcore gamer” is someone who plays it a crazy amount while a causal is someone who plays it what is to me a reasonable amount since you know it’s just one game out of so many others. A big part of the “casual” and “hardcore” label in this sense comes from implying being bad due to not dedicating enough time and being good because it’s all you do which is obviously not necessarily the case at all.

Most people play maybe 10-15 games a gen while others like myself and the majority of my friends list play that many a year. I would argue this the main difference in between what I consider a gamer and a casual.

At the same time technically a person from one group could have played as many hours as someone from the other group but they’re not really gonna have much to show for it unless it’s literally their job I guess.

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What are your thoughts? I’m pretty sure this post will get me tons of hate but oh well.

Edit: Oh and I’ve been called a casual for not replaying games ever which makes no sense to me. I understand in for example FO New Vegas or disco Elysium it’s a big deal to replay them. 99% of the time it doesn’t seem that important to me though


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