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Do you guys ever think of games sentimentally like Toy Story toys?

Content of the article: "Do you guys ever think of games sentimentally like Toy Story toys?"

Ok, hear me out. What I mean by this is you know how in Toy Story all the toys have a personality of their own and a desire to be played by a kid? I like to think the same for video games. This applies more to physical ones since I can hold them in my hand, but I guess it could work with digital games. These are kinda pointless projections on inanimate objects, but I wanted to discuss it to see if anyone could relate.

I recently got a Retron 5 for Christmas and it reignited my love to collect games. The console I had as a kid was a Wii so all other systems passed me by. Even though I played some games emulated, I'd say I'm still pretty new to retro gaming. So when I walked into my favorite game store and nabbed a copy of the original Sonic the Hedgehog for Genesis, something clicked for me.

The label was faded quite a bit, and most of it had rubbed off (I might replace the label in the future, but that's a whole other discussion lol). It was really dirty and I had to clean it a bunch before inserting into the Retron. But as it booted up, I liked to think that it was a happy lil' cartridge!

After all these years, and all the wear it endured, likely being passed through numerous owners, to sit on a game store shelf for a while; people passing it up because it didn't look that great. Now it had a home and was being played again! I also bought a copy of Super Mario Bros/ Duck Hunt (It was in a lot better condition though) and the feelings were the same. I've since played both games and finished them (with save states cuz I suck at retro games lmao) and it will likely be awhile till I play them again. But now they can rest comfortably on my shelf, getting dusted off occasionally and me looking at them all lovey-dovey.

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I also like to think this applies to more modern games too! For my winter break project, I learned how to sell on eBay and was buying game lots. I would keep the ones I wanted, sell the ones that I could do without for now to recoup the money. Going through these discs and preparing them for selling felt pretty satisfying. I would open up cases and check the conditions. Some games would be in excellent condition and complete in box! Others would be disc-only, really scratched up. Either way, I tried to clean them up as best as I could. Goo-gone away the stickers, clean the discs, replace cases if necessary. Even though these weren't going into my collection, conditioning them up for new homes also gave me the same feelings as mentioned before. The experience has been great in forming my opinion on game preservation. But now whenever I see a broken console, scratched-up disc, etc. it feels like a little papercut on my heart lol.

Anyway, that was a long rambling. Do you feel the same way about games? Have any games you've been neglecting that need some love? (For me I need to get back to Ocarina of Time 3D) Let me know your opinion! Thanks for reading.~

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