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Do you prefer having not-so-great voice acting over having none at all in games?

Content of the article: "Do you prefer having not-so-great voice acting over having none at all in games?"

Having played quite a few indie games recently I've noticed that a lot of them simply do not have any voice acting whatsoever.

This has puzzles me quite a bit because in a lot of those games there isn't exactly a ton of text that could be voice acted, but the little text there is usually ends up being in cinematics where the dialogue is simply in text format.

To me it just seems like such an obvious way to improve the game, especially nowadays when there's ton of ways to get voice actors even if you do not know any (or perhaps have the language skills to voice characters yourself) even if you're working with an indie developer's budget.

I mean, you are most likely not going to get any famous actors to play the parts without a decent budget. But if we just focus on stuff that indie devs could afford to get, there's still a ton of voice acting talent out there nowadays and a lot of them are not terrible even if not perhaps the most amazing thing you've ever heard.

So that said, to me having some sort of voice acting that isn't making the experience worse (for example if the voice actor has really hard time pronouncing stuff or the audio quality is just terrible) is better than having none at all. I don't mind possibly dull voice acting as long as it's not too distracting from the overall experience. Obviously some may disagree and that is why an option to mute the voice acting in the settings would be a good way to avoid that issue.

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But perhaps that's just me?

I can understand that indie devs do not want to pour resources into getting an rpg (that takes dozens of hours to beat and has potentially thousands of sentences in written format) fully voiced as even if we ignore the money side of things it takes time to implement voice acting into correct spots in the game etc. But I'm talking about games that have maybe 10-20 minutes of material if voice acted, surely the effort would be worth the end result?

What are your thoughts on this matter?


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