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Does anyone else here loves how gaming characters’ faces are becoming more and more based on real life people (esp celebs)?

I bought the Celebrity Deathmatch video game when it first came out immediately once I read a review from a magazine that Shannen Doherty was in the roster. As a Charmed fan who watched the show obsessively when it was airing who then also watched Beverly Hills 90210 reruns that were airing on TV and spent time hunting out movies at the local rental store all just to see more of Doherty……..

Sure I knew the game won't feature anything resembling the real life celebs since I as also watching Celebrity Deathmatch at the time (and was intoxicated when I saw the episode where Shannen fights Halle Berry and wins by becoming a robot in a slaughtering victory), I still was a bit unhinged by the claymation model of Shannen.

So just by the first few paragraphs above, it should be obvious I also LOVE LOVE LOVE The Sims esp beginning in Part 3 when faces started becoming more and more realistic and I was FUCKING yammering like crazy by the time I bought The Sims 4 and downloaded the Audrey Hepburn character layout build. As a FANATICAL WORSHIPER of Audrey, I was literally having a mental breakdown as I saw the MAGNIFICENT GODDESS come to life and to be able to interact with an AI based on elements of her personality with my own custom made Sims. I finally got to meet an accurate rendition of her after following her full of sheer obsession since I first saw her in War and Peace days before the next new Charmed episode as I was anxiously awaiting to see Shannen Doherty episode through The Sims!!!!!

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And don't get me started on how I got to download builds of Elizabeth Taylor, Vivien Leigh, Shannen Doherty (obviously), Jaclyn Smith (who I worship almost as much as Shannen and Audrey as I grew up watching reruns of Charlie's Angels since it was my ma's childhood show and she still catches reruns today), and so many many more!

So I now love how this era not only uses celebrities, but the fact they use real people including no-names for the basis of characters is such a treat. Gone are the days when 3D models was often uncanny valley and the attempts to make eye candy characters like the Dead or Alive girls and Taki from Soul Calibur 2 just felt somewhat like a turnoff because they are either too perfect looking or anime and comic booky in design (as well as lacking the magick of real lfe people such as Lynda Carter and Peter O'Toole), often so much of gaming have the problems of all of the above for designing appearances of characters even in the 3D era!

So its a joy as now I feel like I'm interacting with real people and moreso with my favorite movie stars and other celebs!

Any one else glad we got to the point that its now easy to facemap real life people rather than drawing characters from the scratch without a basis? I truly glad the limitations of character face designs back in KOTOR 2 and SoulCalibur 3 is now dwindling!

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