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Doom Eternal is a very unique FPS

When I first played Doom 2016, I was blown away. It was insanely fast, insanely badass and insanely fun. Its arcade mode was great for playing for hours, just to town with your gun. However as I played and played, I wanted a new experience. I put some money into my nintendo eshop account, bought Doom Eternal, and I booted it up.

As the company logos went by, there it was. Doom Eternal. I clicked (A) and got taken to the menu. As I saw the Slayer standing in what seemed to be some kind of portal, with the beautiful planet in the background, I knew this game would be just as, if not more kickass than Doom 2016.

If you haven't played Doom Eternal (DE), DE is a Horror FPS that isn't horror to you, but horror to the demons you fight against. (No major spoilers) In DE earth has been taken over by hell. You have to save earth by killing fucking everything. There isn't too much to the storyline mostly since the game is very focused on the gameplay and looks, but there's a lot of codex entries you can read in the game that you collect.

Speaking of collect, boy this game has a lot of secrets. In DE there are different maps (about 10) and you have to go to them one by one. As you go on, enimies will get harder, but DE tries its best not to spoil you with weapons. DE is not afraid to say "lul fuck you heres a shitty shotgun with sticky bombs go have fun." As you go, you will get more and more weapons, and along side, you can find cheat codes, codex, music discs, batteries, and thats not all. If you miss some, no worries, you can replay missions to go and quickly grab what you missed. And don't worry, as soon as you collected the rest, you don't have to rebeat the mission. You can just pause, then click to go back to the current mission you are on.

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Now for the gameplay. Jesus Christ! Okay so in Doom 2016, the game doesn't have too many obstacles for you to tackle while fighting enemies. It keeps it a calm but still kickass experience. Doom Eternal doesn't give a damn fuck. Bam first mission and immediately the game has to introduce you to the chainsaw. Why? YOU HAVE NO F**KING AMO! Say theres two dread nights. You shoot them about 3-6 times before they die (super shotgun). You can only kill two of them before you start running out of ammo and have to use your chainsaw. The thing is, the game knows you would just use it on any old demon. But the game says "no fuck you" and you only can only use it on Zombies, Imps, Shotgunners and a few more (unless you have more fuel). This adds a lot of strategy to the game and will make you constantly horny for ammo. Now for movement. Theres a lot more demons, so what if you get cornered? Things you can do is dash through the mob, use your grappling hook on your super shotgun on an enemy in the distance, you can throw an ice grenade and then a normal grenade to explode the pack of enimies, you can jump over them and the last thing you want to do if none of these work is use your BFG. Whats the BFG you may ask? BIG FUCKING GUN. This is a gun that by shooting once, it kills (almost) everything in your sight. Ever stuck? Use the BFG. The thing is though, you barely have any BFG ammo. Every once in awile you will come across a weird electrical green small box with a sphere in the middle. Thats your ammo for your bfg. Now, I never really mentioned the best part of the gameplay… the badassness. You can jump from a monkey bar, snipe a big enemies weak spot, switch to your super shot gun and shoot a the big enemy, switch to your normal shotgun, land on the ground next to a mob of zombies, use your fucking flamethrower on the mob of zombies (when enemies are on fire, they will drop armor pieces), switch to your sticky bomb if necessary, watch them explode, throw an ice grenade on an upcoming pinky, go behind him shoot his tail, Doom Eternal does not fuck around. Well it sometimes does. Sometimes when theres no enemies but one zombie you can taunt it and then shoot it on the feet then glory killing it, watching the pain in its eyes as you punch its head off its body. …..I'm a psychopath 😅

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Theres a lot of things I haven't really mentioned. I never mentioned the graphics, platforming, etc. Now before you go and buy Doom Eternal, first play Doom 2016. It's very important you get used to how fast shit can be and is also a very great game.

My rating:

Looks: 8.5/10 Gameplay: 9/10 Story: 6.4/10 In general 4.8/5

I recommend to people who like feeling badass, performing and enjoy collecting. Hell even if you don't like shooters, I would still recommend this a ton since it is very unique in its playstyle.


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