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Doom(2016) had a perfect approach to story/lore that Doom:Eternal drops for nothing of use.


So Doom:4 (2016) takes a very sensible approach to telling a Doom story: have as less of it as possible. Don't slow down the game with tedious cutscenes, don't over-explain, don't tried to do some fancy character stuff, the main protagonist is the star even without a word said and never seeing his facial expressions. But you understand his frustrations and struggle even from the first person perspective. If you really want more there is some additional lore(which is mostly meh, and set the roots for problems in Eternal). The main story is so simple, concise, makes sense and gives so much space for sequels, cause its not that grand in scale. It also profits from mystery and intrigue cause not everything is explained and shown, which gives you a good dose of horror.

In comes Doom:E and ruins it everything with generic cutscenes, a story/lore that feels like a derivative of Diablo/Darksiders/GodOfWar/DevilMayCry, all of which in my honest opinion are mediocre at best. It also does the 3d action game cliche of GoW/Azura/Dante's Inferno, which is all the lore you set up is pointless really, cause the main protagonist just kills everyone. There is absolutely no tension, no concern, no intrigue, when you main character just goes on and kills everyone, and in case of Doom:E, he literally kills the "Creator", and everyone adjacent to him, basically all beings of noteworthy power except one pointless side character. By the time you reach the final boss fight(which is an awful tedious fight, in which a competent player cannot lose but has to deal with an nonvenomous amount of stalling), the plot just has run out of its tricks, you know you're just gonna kill one more big baddie and whatever. You're good. The result is that Doom Slayer doesn't feel "badass" anymore, but he is an invincible Marry Sue, there is nothing badass about being unbeatable.

Also to reiterate, the cutscenes are so "dry" they are so uninteresting to watch cause there is simply nothing interesting going on. They just have basic shots and usually a character giving exposition, there is maybe only one good in the entire game and two DLCs, and its in the first person perspective like Doom 4…

Then the issue of my boy Samuel Hayden. Sam is pretty much the only intriguing character in both games, only noteworthy human, only person that gives humans agency. He is also interesting cause there is a tension between him and the Slayer, cause they don't see eye to eye completely but are stuck with the same problem of Demons. On top of that he has an amazing voice actor. So what does Doom:E do with him? Nah bruh, he was secretly another powerful being that you just beat in a boss fight… FFS…

What is interesting about the story of Doom:E, is when Doom:E youtubers talk about Doom:E, or rather address criticisms of the game, their answer to the story is always: "Eh, Who Cares!". So my reasoning is then, why go all this way, why waste time and resources to tell the most generic story. Oh and btw the story is tied to two DLCs! SO they invested all this time and money to bring this shitty story to ridiculously obvious conclusion.


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