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Dreamcast was actually kinda crappy

There was so much wrong with it and the cult following is kind of baffling to me.

Controller This is probably objectively the worst part about it. It has only one stick. In an era when it was blatantly obvious how important dual analog controls were they released a controller with a single stick. The triggers are way to heavy to hold down. It was uncomfortable to hold them down even when I was young. The design is uncomfortable for adults. There are two crevices to stick your fingers on the back of the controller. But if you're a teen or an adult your fingers are obviously going to be too long to stick them there. So you have to awkwardly hold the controller like you're going to flip over a ham sandwich and take a bite. It's stupid. Oh! And the power cable comes out from the bottom of the controller and it has to loop around to the front. WTF was that? It wasn't even a long cord either.

Hardware The laser broke all the time. You didn't even have to play burnt games. The lasers are notoriously garbage. The disk driver was super loud. It was like a chainsaw. Which is weird since the Saturn laser was fine.

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Playing online games with a 56k modem sucks. People will tell you different, but they're wrong. There was tons of packet loss and lag. Maybe going on the internet on your DC was cool if you didn't have a pc, but it's just like using the internet on your smart tv. It sucks. It slower than a computer and it took forever to do anything unless you had a mouse and keyboard.

VMU It's a smaller gameboy. I can play really crappy games on a very, very tiny gameboy! But I can only save one game of Sonic Adventure to an entire memory card. They give you this big somewhat expensive memory card thing and it doesn't store shit. Remember when Saturn had onboard memory? Not Dreamcast.

Games They were mostly rushed out with little play testing and crap. Shenmue is a great example of this. Shenmue 3 failed for a reason and people started coming out of the woodwork to say, "Hey, you know this Shenmue game? It really is kinda crap. What were people on when they played it the first time?" And here's the thing of it. It was hype and graphics. Pure and simple. DC was hyped to kingdom come and when you looked at those games compared to PS1 or N64 they looked ungodly amazing. Also, there were still a lot of new gamers back then and DC might've been their first console.

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There was no world where driving a forklift moving boxes for hours was fun. There was no world where randomly talking to NPCs asking them ridiculous questions and hearing, "Sorry, can't help you, bye." Was fun. Skies of Arcadia had airship battles for 2% of the game. The rest of the game had the most cliched uninspired story with completely insipid characters. No personality besides the clothes they wore. And the combat was the worst you can imagine. Complete bare bones turnbased combat, think FF1, but you got a spell that when you cast it in battle would heal everyone to full hp and you could cast it several times. Then when you get out of battle your MP would recharge 100%. There was no challenge. And there were tons of random battles. The random battles were like 80% of the game. Who the fuck could think that shit was fucking fun? Compared to other games at the time it was fucking garbage. Someone who was taken in by the amazing graphics.

Games could take up a whole chapter. It had a few qubit zirconia's, but nothing to blow your nuthair back. I'm just going to leave it there or I'm going to start listening games off otherwise.

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Thoughts? Does anyone else think DC is overrated?


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