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Dropped network frames are RUINING my streams.

Content of the article: "Dropped network frames are RUINING my streams."

I'm not sure if this is a common problem or not, but I could not find anything online about this specific issue.

The Problem: Over the last month I have been trying to consistently stream at the same times, on the same days, on the same connection, etc. Over the last two weeks, I have had a serious problem with dropped network frames being anywhere from (0.1% all the way up to almost 30%). However, I never used to get this issue, and even now i can stream one day and not drop any frames, and the next day i can drop 20% of my frames. I have not changed any settings in OBS, I have not changed my network package, installed any new software or devices. I live by myself so no one else is on my connection either. So I have run my own tests and I still cannot seem to find a solution to this problem.

What I have tried:

  • Changing my bitrate.
    • I live in an area that does not offer fibre internet. But that's a whole separate problem. I pay for a 5mb upload. This means I can realistically expect to get around a 4mb upload consistently with some variation. I usually set my bitrate at 3000kbs. This (for me) gives me a pretty good image for the games I play, and is pretty well within my normal bandwidth range for twitch's servers. On a good day, this results in < 1% of dropped network frames.
  • Changing my resolution.
    • I don't try to stream at 1080p 60fps, because I know I can't. I usually try to stream at 720p 30fps because I know that is really my limit. However, it doesn't seem that I can stream at even 480p without dropping network frames now.
  • Changing my ingest server.
    • Almost everything I have read online points to changing your ingest server to be the golden ticket to a flawless stream that people don't know about. And while there is probably some truth to this idea, it doesn't alway solve the problem.
  • Running a virus scan.
    • I'm a pretty safe person but everyone with a virus says that. So I did a full system scan (more than once). No dice here either.
  • Turning on the "Change my bitrate to handle network congestion" setting in OBS.
    • This is an OBS beta option that i decided to give a shot as a last ditch effort. This actually solved my problem to be honest, I turned it on and did not drop a single frame. But what happened instead was my stream's bitrate would fluctuate all the way down from 3000kbs to around 500kbs. And it obviously looked so bad at 500kbs that it wasn't worth watching, so it doesn't really solve the problem in a meaningful way.
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Additionally, I have a friend on the same provider, with the same package, across town. He has also experienced the same issue. I'm not sure if that means that our provider is the problem or if this is just a common issue.

So, r/Twitch does anyone have any ideas of what to try? Has anyone experienced a similar issue? How did you solve it? Can anything be done?


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