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Dual options.. ?

Hi all, So iv had my ps5 for almost two weeks now and it been enjoyable, just finished miles morales and now moving onto spiderman remastered and also playing some of the patched ps4 titles but to be completely honest i’m not a huge fan of the duel sense controller and it’s not because it’s white 😉, and i do appreciate the fancy new tech inside that gives the feeling of pulling a bow etc and i’m sure a lot of you out there love it but for me it’s nothing il ever use, iv turned the basic vibration function off on every sony controller i’ve owned, but none of that is reason enough for me not to be a liking it, it’s simply it’s size.. it’s to big, i have small hands and its really quite uncomfortable to hold, some games worse than others I did finish the miles morales campaign using it but i couldn’t play for long sessions for the games i play the most..fps eg cod, battlefield its just not possible ( for me ) its horrible, so uncomfortable

i read online something like sony didn’t want people playing ps5 games as not to miss out on all the cool new features within the dualsense and i can understand that, so i assumed maybe there was more to it than just sony well kinda being dicks, then when i tried to play eg miles morales with my dual shock 4 a lil spiderman popped up explaining its not possible so then i tried ps5s version of sharefactory and it did the same thing saying only dualsense is playable… and that’s just ridiculous, there is nothing there that enhances the exp with the dualsense and honestly i don’t see the issue, personally i own four dual shock 4s…purely i liked the colours 😄, but i also understand a lot of people likely love the new controller so why not just allow people to use either, obviously if you want the full ps5 exp on certain games you would need to using the dualsense but then again there could be other players that who love the size but hate the vibration effects basically turning those features off turns into a larger dual shock 4, i do hope i’m getting what i’m trying to say across all i’m trying to say is basically SONY < why can’t we have the option to choose, if your not using those features on the dual sense anyway why does it matter, why can’t you just sell ps5 and it’s controllers as is but keep the ds4s available useable on the ps5 with all games for people who want choice, for what ever reason eg small hands.. cheers

  • do YOU think it’s such a bad thing for sony to allow this both controllers ?
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