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Dusk is a fantastic singleplayer/multiplayer old-school shooter with polish

Content of the article: "Dusk is a fantastic singleplayer/multiplayer old-school shooter with polish"

I've been on a Quake kick recently, and seeing as I'm not ballsy enough for Quake Live pubs, I figured I might as well find another outlet for my quick-paced romplust. Dusk has filled that and then some.

So the game is designed by one person, David Szymanski, who you might know made the Rise of the Triad remake in 2013. (I didn't, but it was a nice surprise.) The game came out just 2 years ago and HIGHLY resembles late 90s shooters, especially from how it looks. Graphics are polygonal, movement is quick (there's bunnyhopping!), and bullets fly everywhere. It's oldschool in the best way.

What I love most about this game is that there's very little bullshit involved. The game is only as bullshit as you make it. I've played on the second hardest difficulty (cero miedo, double damage) and I've had no frustrating moments. It might be because everything they throw at you is dodegable, so there's no stupid hitscan machine gun soldiers that shoot at you from a mile away without warning. (Worst part of Half Life 1 for me.) Every bullet they throw at you shoots exactly where you are at any given moment, so as long as you keep moving and don't corner yourself, you can dodge whatever they throw at you. That's not to say I haven't died or that the game was too easy. I've died MANY times, but there was never ONCE that I've considered it to be the fault of the game or bad design. The enemies give clear indications of being discovered and when they're about to throw something at you, such as a sound que or a movement. I've even played the first 2 levels on the hardest difficulty (Duskmare, 1 hit kill) without getting too frustrated despite dying many times.

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I personally love how ridiculous this game gets. Every screen is CONSTANTLY filled with enemies to shoot at. You can shoot through walls and enemies with the crossbow. You can dual wield shotguns. You can flip around your camera a full 360 degrees vertically when jumping. You can flip your gun around for chip damage to the enemy. You can even pick up objects and throw them at enemies for kills, like the gravity gun in HL2.

This game is seriously a blast. There are rarely games that I fully enjoy completely from start to finish, but this game makes that list. I guess the only real complaint I have is that it takes a bit long to load the game up for me, even with a great computer.

It even has a multiplayer feature Duskworld, where you play in DMfests like Quake. Servers are hard to come by, but the New Blood Discord have players that give notifications when a server comes up.

Seriously, check this game out. You won't be disappointed.


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