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DUSK ruined DOOM (2016) for me

Content of the article: "DUSK ruined DOOM (2016) for me"

I was so hyped to finally play Doom but I decided to wait until weekend and in the meantime I grabbed Dusk so I can have short 20min gaming sessions when I have a break. Weekend finally came and I booted up Doom, completed a few levels and turned it off, went right back to Dusk. Today I completed a few more Doom levels and again, went straight back to Dusk. I doubt I will play Doom again and here is why:

  1. Levels – All levels in doom are Tech Facility/Mars/Hell. They all look kinda samey. Compare that to Dusk that takes you from farms, to factories, to cities, to military bases, to mines, to forests, to alternate dimensions etc. Later levels get really crazy, laws of space and time do not apply in some of them and at some point you encounter a freaking BLOOD TORNADO. It is overall a lot more memorable.
  2. Level design. In doom every level has the same basic structure, a few arenas connected by a maze of passages. You know exactly where enemies will spawn, and you know exactly when you will fight, at all times you are in your comfort zone. Dusk will hurl you through a portal or a tunnel at the end of which 10 enemies have guns pointed at you. You will often get caught in traps. You spend the first few levels in big open areas around the farm. Then the game throws you in this claustrophobic mine with tight corridors and screaming witch enemies. It really throws you off. Then it throws you in a huge open area in front of a military facility where a bunch of soldiers are sniping you and you have to dodge their bullets in order to approach the facility. Later on it chooses our reality is too boring and throws you in another dimension. It really plays with you as much as you play the game.
  3. Horror elements. Dusk oozes atmosphere. It feels like an old 80s slasher flick where are guy goes on an insane rampage against an eldritch cult trying to summon Cthulhu. Doom feels like a bloodier version of Halo. Weapons, armor and some environments are very clean, slick, futuristic. It is not very heavy metal, it lacks the grime and grittiness doom 1 and 2 had.
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Now I don't want to shit on Doom too much, it is still a great game and overall I understand why people like it. But for me, it doesn't scratch the shooter itch I have. So if anyone wants to try a fast, crazy true horror shooter, buy DUSK it is 17 dollars on steam and the guy who made it deserves every penny.


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