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Dying Light was pure fun

I've been playing Dying Light on and off for a couple of months now, solo and co-op.

The start of the game is really difficult as you got weapons that break in 2 swings and do no damage, and you feel like you can't really fight against any zombies and the only sollution is to run, which I didn't really like and it's why I forgot about it numerous times.

Gameplay is just fun, slash heads off, parkour through a dead city, be batman basically with the grappling hook, it's like Mirrors Edge on steroids, I could honestyl just spend hours running on the city rooftops. Combat is as I said difficult at the beginning but as you progress it becomes way easier, your weapons one-shot most zombies, you can modify, the guns just make the game extremelly easy. Only thing I didn't like about the gameplay are the night sections, don't get me wrong they are scary as shit but I feel like there is absolutely no reason to spend the nights out, don't feel like the 2x Survivor points are worth it at all, hope they improve on that in the sequel.

Story was pretty basic, even though I really enjoyed Kyle Crane, he felt very natural in this setting, and not forced at all, his voice actor did a great job. The villain was awful, complete 180 from Kyle, he was evil for the sake of being evil, nothing driving him to be a psychopath and just felt forced. All other characters too while we're at it, when some important characters die, I really didn't feel anything either because they were annoying or vanilla. The story is all over the place, pacing is dreadfull in my opinion. Some story missions have great atmosphere though, like The School, The Pit and Old Town just looked very beautiful even in a post-apocaliptic landscape.

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Side stuff was mostly fetch quests but there were some interesting ones where you could really see what a zombie outbreak does to people, how it breaks people, and how there are some people that are even worse than the zombies. Graphics still look beautiful even 6 years later.

Overall this game was quite enjoyable, mostly for the gameplay and how much fun there is to be had in here, especially in co-op. Story while pretty mediocre was a good way to carry the gameplay and I'm pretty tempted to 100% the game as it doesn't seem that difficult, firstly though got to get through The Following DLC which I'm pretty hyped about.


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