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Elite Controller Series 2 – default sensitivity

Hi all,

I really want to buy an Elite 2, but I have an issue that I will do my best to verbalize.

My main game, far and away, is Rocket League. For those not aware, RL is a game centered around physics. It requires very precise movements that can take unusual amounts of time to perfect (years in some cases).

Back on my Xbox One like a year or so ago, I purchased the original Elite controller. I used it out of the box, not changing any settings. My first game of RL I immediately noticed something was off. I was consistently messing up maneuvers that otherwise would be no trouble for me at all. It was easy for me to identify that it was something to do with the joysticks. Whether it was sensitivity, deadzones, both, etc – I am not technical enough to know for sure. Regardless, I swiftly switched back to my non-elite controller and never picked up the Elite again, because I simply was not going to relearn years of muscle memory just to justify the purchase of a new controller. The difference in feel was substantial enough to outweigh the features that the controller had to offer. Ended being a waste of money, never used it again. After asking some other people in the RL community, I discovered that it is not in my head, and many have stayed away from the Elite controllers because of this reason.

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So I guess I'll start by asking: Why wouldn't the Elite controllers come out of the box exactly as a non-elite controller in terms of sensitivity and things like that? For me at least, it seems like that would be a logical baseline.

Now to the issue at hand. I know that one of the main features of these controllers is that you can in fact adjust sensitivity to be literally whatever you want. Problem is, to get it to match a non-elite exactly seems like it would be pretty difficult. Does anyone know if these settings exist anywhere? I tried my luck Googling last night but did not find anything relevant.


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