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Elyon vs Reddit

I know I know, I said Elyon and reddit has told you it's a bad game. But hear me out!

There's a lot of hate going on whenever this game is mentioned, most of it is just ignorant and childish (the norm on this sub unfortunately)


So this is published by Kakao, which according to them isn't at fault for BDO's p2w, which isn't really something that's unreasonable either. Since Pearl Abyss is a Korean MMORPG developer, the birth of p2w – But that's anyone's guess and you're more than free to hate Kakao for that. But the KR version of the game has always been very p2w heavy and the western version remains p2w after Pearl Abyss took over

Is Elyon p2w?

According to reddit it's literally the most p2w game that has ever had the audacity to exist. Now obviously that's far from true and one of the extremely ignorant shit that spreads on this sub like wildfire by sheep that's copy pasting that from a top comment they read somewhere here thinking it's a fact

You can buy Luminous from the cash shop, do they give an advantage? Yeah, if you pay around ~$500 you get a rough 5% stat boost from them. That can seem pretty bad, but the neat thing is that everyone is getting that in 3-4+ weeks anyways. So you're paying A LOT for a SMALL advantage for a LIMITED time.. Because everyone gets to a T5 Luminous relatively quickly. But that can absolutely be considered p2w by some peoples standard. And that's fine

(Now the KR version is extremely p2w, but we're not getting that version. And yes it might become very p2w later down the line. But advocating against something for what it might become isn't justifiable hate in my opinion)


Now there is a "Optional advantageous subscription" meaning that it's not mandatory but you do get benefits from it, is this p2w? Same thing there, you're more than welcome to formulate your own opinion regarding that.

It gives you 10% EXP buff, 10% Drop rate buff, Inventory Space, Bank Space basically

I don't think there's anything else in the shop that people consider p2w, if there is. Enlighten me

That's it, that's the only things you can buy for real money that gives you any sort of advantage. Sure you can also buy some bag space, a banker (you can teleport to your home and bank on a 10min CD anyways) and a vendor. But I've never had any reason to buy that from my time playing in KR

Now in my opinion, that's fine for a free to play title

  • Elder Scrolls Online – Has the same optional subscription which gives 10% XP + Gold and a lot of other quality of life stuff
  • World of Warcraft – Extremely p2w where you can buy Gold straight from Blizzard and use that to funnel everything ingame from buying Mythic/Raid Boosts to buying Arena Boost or simply just buying BiS items from the Auction House
  • Guild Wars 2 – Exact same thing, you can buy Gold directly from aNet and buy the BiS items with that Gold

I just wanted to mention these games because people seem to think that p2w isn't something affecting these big titans in the MMORPG genre, but these games are way more p2w than Elyon is, and Elyon is a smaller game with definitely a smaller income in every way. Yet these games are subject to heavier p2w. Of course not all of you are defending them, but it's a worth mention

I'm obviously expecting the mandatory "Elyon bad" "Korea game bad" "Copium" comments that will attract a lot of upvotes, even throw in a little bit of humor and it will blow up. But the reality is that people are truly shitting on this game for the wrong reasons (but not all of course, some have really good reasons why they hate it. You're not the ones I'm talking about in this post)

Some of you are not extremely dumb and can form your own actual opinions regarding it and might in fact not like the gameplay, you might not like that there's a metric fuckton of customization, you might not like the enhancing system, or the grinding.. And that's obviously fine. But the fucking sheep effect of dumb people that's plaguing games is beyond pathetic. People are actively going out of their way to intentionally try to sabotage a MMORPGs success because of what? Spite?

The constant negativity towards basically every game, especially on this sub is so obnoxious

Bring the pitchforks, I'm ready!… I think..


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