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Every track in Mario Kart 8 deluxe reviewed.

The rating system will be terrible, Bad, Mediocre, ok, good, great, and fantastic with terrible being the worst , and fantastic being the best. Anyway, let's get this review started.

MK Stadium: A pretty nice introduction. Rating: OK

Water Park: The first water track , and it's good. Rating: Good

Sweet Sweet Canyon: This track has always made me hungry for some dessert! Rating: great

Thwomp Ruins: Thwomp's getting their own track? Rating: Fantastic

Mario Circuit: I get it's a MC , but god damn this track is so Generic , and boring! Rating: Bad

Toad Harbor: That peach statue in the background is really cool honestly. Rating: great

Twisted Mansion: Not as good as DS Luigi's Mansion , but still pretty good. Rating: Good

Shy Guy Falls: The best Looking track in the game by far! Rating: Fantastic

Sunshine Airport: A track About a Airport ? I'm down. Rating: Fantastic

Dolphin Shoals: The music from this course will go down as one of the best pieces of music ever!!! Rating: Fantastic

Electrodome: Overrated , but still really really good. Rating: Great

Mount wario: I know yall love this track , and what can I say, I do to. Rating: Fantastic

Cloudtop Cruise: That Gusty Garden remix is a buety!!!!! Rating: Fantastic

Bone Dry Dunes: I must be the only one who actually likes this track. Rating: Good

Bowser's Castle: Damn this track is so fire!!!!!! Heh, see what I did there ? Rating: Great

Rainbow Road: I honestly really like this Rainbow Road. It needs much more love. Rating: Great

Wii Moo Moo Meadows: AWWWW look at the cows!!!! Rating: Great

GBA Mario Circuit: A basic , but really fun track. Rating: Great

DS Cheep Cheep Beach: Why do people dislike this track????!!! Rating: Great

N64 Toads Turnpike: This remake is a huge butcher to the riginal. Rating: Meh

GCN Dry Dry Desert: I kinda like the track , but I would've much prefered Dry Dry Ruins. Rating: OK

SNES Donut Plains 3: It's super duper basic , but I still really like it. Rating: Good

N64 Royal Raceway: Why did Nintendo Remove The entrance to go to the castle ? Rating: OK

3DS DK Jungle: This track is so good , that Nintendo didn't need to do any tweaking to it. Rating: Fantastic

DS Wario Stadium:

Music Park: Same as Dk Jungle. Rating: Fantastic

N64 Yoshi Vally: Really fun track with all the different paths you can take. Rating: Great

DS Tick-Tock Clock: That big ass lighting bolt on that thing is so cool!!! Rating: Great

3DS Piranha Plant Slide: Same as DK Jungle as well. Rating: Fantastic

Wii Grumble Volcano: Why is there a huge ass Quuestion Mark block sitting on the volcano ? Rating: Fantastic

N64 Rainbow Road: The original was to long now the remake is to short. How funny. Rating: Fantastic

GCN Yoshi Circuit: Probably the most unique , and creative circuit track. Rating: Great

Excitebike Arenea: There is like a million ramps on the tracks , and I love it. Rating: Great

Dragon Driftway: I don't care if it's a short time. You get to race through a freaking dragon!!! Rating: Fantastic

Mute City: This track is majorly overshadowed by Big Blue which sucks because it's just as good if not better than Big Blue. Rating: Fantastic

Wii Wario's Gold Mine: I would've much prefered if they kept the minecarts as obstacles. Rating: Great

SNES Rainbow Road: This track is probably gonna be remade in every Mario Kart. Rating: Great

Ice Ice Outpost: I prefer the yellow path myself. Rating: Great

Hyrule circuit: This track could've been so much more. Rating: OK

GCN Baby Park: 7 laps of pure chaos , and destruction . How can you not love it ? Rating: Great

GBA Cheese Land: That cheese is either super dried out , or is sand. Rating: Great

Wild Woods: Wild Woods baby. Rating: Fantastic

Animal Crossing: The change in seasons every time you play the track was honestly one of the most coolest track concepts Nintendo could've done. Rating: Good

3DS Neo Bowser City: This track is just pure skill baby , and I love it! Rating: Fantastic

Ribbon Road: Racing in a babies room is Honestly Godly. Rating: Fantastic

SuperBell Subway: Ah yes racing in a Subway. My favorite Concept Idea for a Mario Kart track. Rating: Fantastic

Big Blue: Look at how fast I'm going!!!! Rating: Fantastic


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