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Exploits and glitches are cheating, no exceptions.

I'm gonna make it relatively short.

Exploits and cheating come down to breaking the rules to gain an advantage, this isn't about "implicit" rules, we can use common sense and reasoning to know what the rule of a game are. This isn't about being fair or unfair. It's simply about gaining an advantage doesn't matter if it's accesible to every player.

With that said:

Bunny hopping: At first it was cheating, because the game, first, wasn't designed to be played with said exploit, this is called an exploit because it obviously is a hole into the development of the game. It's the exact same thing as going through a secret wall spot and becoming invincible in COD, just in a minor degree. Holes of a game exist everywhere, if you cancel animations to gain an advantage, that is cheating, that is literally breaking the rules of the game that are solidified and "explicitly implied" or "solid mechanics that using common sense we can deduce that they are part of the rules of the game.

Korean step (or whatever that's called): You can't argue with this… in later titles of fighting games it was implemented as a mechanic". why is now a mechanic and not an exploit? *Because the newer games have it as an action with advantages and disadvantages and said exploit is now an action with limits. I would also argue that it's not as esoteric as before, therefore it wasn't even a sustained action.

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Back when it began, it was an obvious advantage that it wasn't part of the rules of the game, the games weren't designed to have said actions in them.

-Games evolved to balance and implement the 'exploits' as mechanics, it isn't hard to grasp this honestly.

In Bloodborne there are "false dungeons", basically the game has a "randomly generated dungeon" system, people can create random ones and those stay online for anyone to complete the dungeons by Themselves. BUT, it's limited by your progress on the game. Some people have managed to cheat through the game's code (without any third party software/hardware) "false dungeons" these are basically high-end loot dungeons where you can enter them without having to complete certain progress, so you can get endgame loot without being in endgame. This is literally cheating the game, *you were not supposed to do said action because without the progress you can't access through mechanics of the game to said high end loot.

"A hole in the rule" is what I would call it.

Just because the software of a game allows certain actions, doesn't mean it's cheating. And just because it's cheating, doesn't mean it's unfair.

Cheating isn't necessarily bad or unfair… not at all, Dribbling in basketball was at first, by definition, cheating, you gained an advantage through exploiting the lack of thought in the rules.

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Later on, it evolved for the better and now it isn't an exploit, why?… again, because the sport has implemented it with advantages, disadvantages, more rules that go around dribbling. It is now limited.

In Rainbow Six Siege we have bullet hole angles… you can aim through holes made by bullets, this is obviously unfair for 80% of any engagement and it isn't cheating!, it's just an overpowered strategy.

Cheating isn't necessarily bad, but what is cheating is cheating cmv.


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