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External Perfect World – v1.3.6 Classic Server , x1 Rates English Speaking International Community


This server is by far the closest project I have personally seen to achieving an English Speaking majority community in a 1.3.6 version of Perfect World / PWI.

The game Owners, Developers and Moderators ended a successful BETA Test earlier last year, in which players like myself and many others had the chance to experience the project before launch. After giving our feedback, the administration fine-tuned and launched the server in November 2019 and it really has been a nostalgic pleasure ever since.

With that being said, it is also worth commending how fantastic the administration are with responding to queries, fixing bugs and being active within the community using a modern approach with Discord to remain fully engaged. The administration hold a section for the community to promote their suggestions and have them voted on. Many of these suggestions have been implemented and for the most part, they are normally sensible and do not break the 1.3.6 DNA of the server.

The in-game Boutique is very minimal in resources which is a positive encouragement towards 'Play To Win', rather than the usual 'Pay To Win' Rank 8 gear none sense. The player community voted against populating it with T1-5 Mats/ Herbs for example, which shows favor towards the 'Play To Win' concept which other servers seem to band around yet don't seem to actually be able to implement properly.

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Donations are not something you absolutely need to do in order to play the game – however as with any PW version; quick TP Stones, Guardian Scrolls and Charms are of course the perks of doing so as well as treating yourself to excellent collections of Fashion and Mounts.

The server details are as follows:

  • Server version : 1.3.6
  • Races <3>: Untamed (Barbarian, Venomancer), Humans (Blademaster, Wizard) & Elves (Archer, Cleric)
  • Exp/SP: x1
  • Money and item drops: x1
  • Dungeons and Cultivation: 19-109 (FB109 is in this version, no chrono wheel)
  • Best gear: Rank 8 (Not sold in Boutique), Lunar Glade & TT99
  • Choice of new or old UI theme setting in Patcher

Gameplay and Configuration:

  • Anti Cheat and DDOS Protection
  • Located in a stable data center
  • Round-the-clock user support and Discord Community
  • Auto-pathing and quest/task search functionality
  • Fashion wardrobe in bank and warehouse for quest items
  • Faction Policy for making Alliances or Enemies
  • In-game optimization for weaker PC's/ Setups
  • 1.3.6 quest lines

Game events:

  • Daily: Cube of Fate, Snake Isle Race, Sign-On Event/ Rewards
  • Dragon Temple (Tuesdays)
  • City of Abominations (Wednesdays)
  • PvP Tournament Event (Thursdays)
  • Territory War (Saturdays)
  • Jungle Ruins (Sundays)
  • Archosaur Invasion (Carefully organised on special occasions)

If you are looking for a Classic, English-speaking International community with the Nostalgic 1.3.6 feel to the game – this is the Perfect World Server you've been looking and praying for.

This weekend is also a x2 event! This has only happened once before in the server's history, so now would be an excellent time to start playing.

If you need any help or advice in game when you join, my IGN is steve.

Happy gaming.


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