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Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force (2017) – fun and mindless grinding on the side

Content of the article: "Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force (2017) – fun and mindless grinding on the side"

Fairy Fencer F has been sitting for a few months now I've been putting it off due to life or other things happening. I knew I left it somewhere near the end after playing 25 hours and "crossing over" the next stage. This contains spoilers of the Goddess Story path.

I played the PC version and it's a bit of a mess with memory leaks causing the game to crash, which was also triggered by the antivirus (I used Bitdefender). I use a eGPU most the time, I haven't used a desktop in a very long time and for an old game this will bring all sorts of weird behavior if you try to run it on a eGPU. So you have been warned if you ever thought about running it there.

I think maybe because I have become more lax on things, I feel the old me would have slammed the game for being a bit mediocre in the story area. Older me is more appreciate that I even have time to play games and tackling what I can with the backlog.

I feel Compile Heart did nail the combat and you could easily exploit the combat and "spice it up" with combining Fairies and using the modifiers (50%+ exp, or double damage, etc etc). It was honestly the fastest way to work with this game, and I feel that's what they wanted to. Nobody likes to be grinding for hours, however if you can add "modifiers" (world shaping) into the areas and speed up the process, that's fair game.

Because of the world shaping I like it. Like, the game itself is short if you know what you are doing with the world shaping mechanics. It's also the type of game that once you get the mechanics, regardless if you are using world shaping to your advantage or not, it just lends itself to squash monsters really fast. If you needed to level up all you had is to be around the entrance, fight a bit, get the exp, leave and re-join. And what that did is that every time you left to the world map it would recover all the characters instantly. It was honestly the fastest way to grind rather than wasting money in Inn and items.

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The game story is as average as it came get. I would say, having finished Tales of Berseria I found it amusing how Sherman and Artorious weirdly shared the same ideal of just starting with a clean slate. Sherman was just more about total destruction after losing control of the Vile God. Maybe, not the same ideal but more or less they touched the same subjects, both were extremists at the end.

The music was amazing, like holy crap because the battle stages changed like three times with the final boss I couldn't just listen to them but I really enjoyed the final boss themes.

Honestly to who this game is for? I think it's the perfect game if you just want to shut your brain off and grind whatever you want. The game itself lends up to level 999 I believe. It also has a series of challenges with the Tower area. I didn't find the grind to be tiresome at all, but I did find the enemy AI to be tiresome… because they were the same and acted the same throughout the whole game, so expecting challenges is…. never going to happen.

The game does have special bosses but they are all both sponges and hard-hitting. They don't provide any special mechanism either.

Overall, a fun game. I enjoyed the dialogues and the story as short as it was. It's "pretty anime driven" in the same that basically most of the elements you find in a shounen anime will be found here. Art and music are something else then again a bit hard to expect something else from the creators of Neptunia (Compile Heart/Idea Factory) so the humor is more or less on par.

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