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Fallout 76 is not a bad game

Content of the article: "Fallout 76 is not a bad game"

I've had it in my library for years. Only got it because my gaming dudes wanted to join up and play together. They never did, the whole ingame shop controversy went on and I heard so much bad stuff about it that I never actually logged on.

But the last couple of days I had an itch for Fallout and the latest singleplayer game wasn't what I was looking for. So I launched 76 to see what it's about.

I was honestly shocked at how much fun I was having. The graphics are pretty good and the landscapes are stunning. Sneaking through high grass with the sun in your eyes and not knowing what's lurking in front of you made me have a really good time. There are plenty of little events going on left and right and I have yet to encounter someone looking for a fight or being an asshole. In fact, when I came out the vault I spawned in, some guy was standing there, waving at me, and dropped a bag full of useful items.

It's not like he gave me high-end stuff which would make the game too easy to enjoy. Just the right amount of ammo, a rifle and some food to get by. I went on to do the first quests and reminded myself that people used to hate Fallout 76 for its lack of npc's. They fixed that for sure because I could not say that I felt alone or that the wasteland was deserted.

The skill system with it's perk cards is pretty neat, too. You can switch them out at any time to accomodate your current playstyle so there's no real commitment to them. I like that very much. The C.A.M.P. is your base and can be set up everywhere outside the main quest areas. You get to build a fort just like in Fallout 4 just without all the hassle and raids. It doubles as a free quick travel spot as well so placing it somewhere you'll have to go back later makes sense. Every time you move your camp, all existing buildings and their interior are saved and can be placed with a single click. Makes moving super duper easy.

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I'm still stumbling over features, like ore deposits and the whole gather and craft aspect in itself. But so far I'm really having a good time. There's some kind of event going on right now but all the groups I see are from people with levels between 100-300 so I haven't applied to any of those yet. But it seems like the end game content is there and people like doing it.

I have yet to see what kind of impact the atom shop has on the gameplay overall, but as far as I can tell its pretty limited. I'm only a couple hours in but there was no bump so far, hoping to enjoy the whole game without getting to a point where I need to spend atoms.

So far I could only make out minor bugs like mob pathing, sometimes you'll find an enemy npc just stuck in a corner trying to reach you or not moving at all. I was expecting it to be much worse but it seems like the game has been polished to some degree. Server and overall game performance are great, FPS never dipped noticeable even though the landscape is lush, colorful and has a ton of shadows / lighting going on.

Anyways. If you have the game all dusted up in your library, give it a go and you might be surprised just like me. It can absolutely be enjoyed as a singleplayer experience and I'm sure the fun only increases if you decide to squad up with some other players.


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