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Fallout: New Vegas was a great trip down memory lane . . . until I got to the DLC

Content of the article: "Fallout: New Vegas was a great trip down memory lane . . . until I got to the DLC"

I just wrapped up playing Fallout: New Vegas for the 3rd(?) time, and I had a blast. Going for every achievement I possibly could mixed with siding with Caesar's Legion for the first time, breathed some fresh air into a game I've thoroughly played before. After discovering nearly every location I could and doing all the quests I could find, I was still hungry for more so I decided to start up the DLC.

First off, I love the themes/stories that make up the DLC's. Finding out what happened to Joshua Graham, Father Elijah and even the courier that refused the Platinum Chip package was all super interesting and had just enough information in the base game to make me really intrigued about every one of them (plus, I love the wackiness of the Old World Blues DLC. The voice acting is just as great as I remember it back in the day). However, there's one flaw with these DLC that made me really regret even starting them: enemies are fucking bullet sponges and a half.

Good lord dudes, I forgot how tough the enemies were to fight in the DLC. Tough in the wrong way, as in the 'artificial difficulty' way. In Dead Money, it makes sense that the Ghost people are hard to kill since they're essentially zombies and it fits in with the lore, but there is absolutely no reason why the enemies in Honest Hearts, Old World Blues and Lonesome Road are as tanky as they are. It gets to the point where I'd have to empty my selected gun 2-3 times into a single enemy just to down them. Mix this with the horrid first person controls with a controller, and you have a perfect mix to piss me off.

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It makes absolutely no sense, either. By the time I started the DLC, I had maxed out my Melee Weapons, Guns, Energy Weapons and half of Unarmed and Explosive weapons. I was maxed out in Strength and Endurance. 6 points in Luck for critical hits. I took every perk I could that would give me damage bonuses along with Health and DT bonuses. I didn't name my character Chungus Maximus for nothing, he was a damn UNIT. And yet, it felt like I was fighting enemies that were supposed to be 3-5 levels higher than I am . . . even though I was max level (50). I even tried using the right ammo type for the right enemies, but as it turns out, they're not anywhere near as effective as they are in a game like Bioshock. It made absolutely no sense and completely ruined my will to casually play these DLC's. By the end, I just wanted to finish up as fast as I could so I would finally be done with it.


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