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Far Cry 5 has the best gameplay in the franchise. (Long read ahead)

Content of the article: "Far Cry 5 has the best gameplay in the franchise. (Long read ahead)"

For some reason this year I decided to play the modern Far Cry games back to back.

I finished Far Cry 4 100%, then played 3 and Blood Dragon for a few hours because I wanted to finally experience for myself how truly samey they were, aaand… They were…

Don't get me wrong, I love all Far Cry games, 4 has easily the weakest story, but it's gameplay felt like a more refined version of 3 and Blood Dragon, that adventuring and surviving while slowly takinig over enemy territory is good stuff, but along with it's collectibles it did fall under the tedium Ubisoft games are infamous for…

Now Far Cry 5? I know many will disagree, but for me this game is the peak of the series in terms of gameplay, now let me explain why in detail, and keep in mind I'm writing this after having defeated two of the bosses and I'm already doing the third and final region.

1) First off: NO TOWERS, much like in WatchDogs 1 and 2, I appreciate that we finally have the full map at our disposal, with the only "fog" being there to mark what I haven't explored yet.

It may sound weird, but I actually felt with far more freedom this time around, spending that time that usually goes into the towers serving more to let you explore the map freely!

2) I was mixed on it at the begining, but the removal of the minimap killed a lot of the tedium I'd usually feel with open world games, tracking the enemies, planning out a route, stumbling upon missions/collectibles feels far more natural and less like I'm doing a tedious checklist.

Best part is, now I am actually enjoying the scenery as I explore because I'm not staring at the little square in the corner!

3) I love that collectibles are proper quests now, everyone can agree the collectibles are the worst part of the open world genre, and it's often just something arbitrary with little (if any) payoff, now? They're quests of their own and you get context on why you should go out of your way to grab them.

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Better yet, they all come in small bite size numbers, 12-15 per quest so far and they're spread far enough so your map doesn't get clogged with icons.

4) While I'm a bit mixed on it, I like the resistance point system, the weakest aspects of the Far Cry games is often how there's an urgent situation behind the plot (Jason findinig his friends and family for instance), but the open world is paced in a way that the sense of urgency isn't there.

Here? The Deputy wants to rescue his team and capture Joseph Seed, so destroying the cult's operation actually feels like it's part of the story proper and not just filler content.

But I do feel mixed because I'm not sure I like the scripted capture sequences… Someties I get a quest marker so I can get captured, sometimes I get captured mid-gameplay while I'm low on ammo… It breaks the pacing a bit… Would have preffered a quest marker all the way through…

5) I know it's a small thing, but I appreciate how almost everyone has a prescence in the game in some way, getting told the significance of each outpost I take for the ressistance gives me a reason to care beyond just being part of the checklist.

Same goes on how they can radio you in to tell you some backstory for a character you interacted with for extra context, it makes the world feel a bit more complete… same goes for the antagonists actually talking to you constantly and having a good number of scenes with them, wich takes me to…

6) While they're not the greatest, I for gone LOVE the boss fights so far, way too many games grounded in real life-ish have their antagonists die in a cutscene or a QTE, I think this is the first time in YEARS where I actually engage the main antagonists in combat, it makes such a difference when you get to pump them full of lead yourself…

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7) The companions are amazing… Just for the fun of it, I had Nick Rye and Adelaide give me air support for an outpost take over, went in guns blazing causing an alert on purpose, and wow… The sheer chaos that ensued was beautiful! and it wasn't a scripted sequence! It was me and my guns for hire doing mayhem!

Boomer is still my best friend tho…

8) This is more of a Far Cry thing but… I am glad that for this game so far, they finally dropped the pretentious crap about how I should be feeling bad for enjoying this type of violent game, I don't like my protagonist being silent… Makes all the scenes arwkard at times, but at the very least the story being told before me is an honest to goodness fight of good vs evil, Eden's Gate is an evil death cult, no matter how much they protest about "saving souls", and that is super refreshing…

9) Should have mentioned this earlier but, this game has the best shooting, I love the other games, but they always had a problem of all enemies and animals feeling like they're bullet sponges, now I actually feel ilke my weapons pack a punch.

10) THANK YOU for removing looting/skin animations, I know many loved them for the sake of immersion, but no matter the game for me, I could not stand those animations after a few hours, I can only watch my character get grossed out after skinning an animal so much before it gets seriously old… Now those precious seconds are better spent actually playing the game.

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And that's all I can think of for now, of course the game is not perfect, it's still got a share of issues, I despise the fishing minigame with a passion, haven't bothered with it beyond that one side mission, and the silent protagonist seriously hurts the story, but I'll say the good outweights the bad here, there's still a lot of Ubisoft's trademark open world stuff, but this time around it doesn't feel as tedious as the other games.

I'll let you guys know my final impressions when I finish the game proper.


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