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Far Cry games:a case study of anti ludo-narrative dissonance

I am a very big fan of the FPS genre in general, it's a very cathartic genre for me,I can end a virtual life just by the single pull of a trigger,also I love guns especially handguns lol.Doom eternal is one of my personal favorites along with Far Cry 4 .

In almost all the games, there's a bit of ludo-narrative dissonance , where the actions in games does not match the action in stories,but the far cry series has continuously bucked the trend thanks to it's elusive antagonists like Jackal in Fc2,Violent psychopaths in Fc3 and finally charming dictators in Fc4.I still haven't played Fc5 but I have played new dawn ,I didn't like those sister antagonists because they didn't provide me with that oomph I was looking for.

Spoilers ahead

Far Cry 3:You play as Jason Brody ,a young guy from Cali who is stranded in a tropical island near Indonesia controlled by the enigmatic pirate leader Vaas and all round bad guy Hoyt.From the beginning of the game to the ending the change that Jason goes through the game is staggering, it's even more physically tangible than most games because in his first kill he was physically recoiling from taking another life but as he loses more and more himself in the power trip the island provides he enjoys the killing and even states "traffic control" while gunning down his pursuers on vehicles, absolutely cathartic.As you as a player get more familiar with the controls and mechanics you become more better as a player and this in turn makes Jason even stronger.The gameplay absolutely gels so well with the story that it is astonishing.

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Far Cry 4:Considered as a bit of a letdown from Far Cry 3,this is my absolute favourite in the entire series.I might be biased towards this game owing to the fact that Hindi is one of the tongues I speak,lol.You play as one Ajay Ghale,returning to his homeland of Kyrat in the laps of the Himalayas to respect your mother's last dying wish for her ashes to be spread in somewhere named Lakshmana.The country of Kyrat is however controlled by an enigmatic dictator named Pagan Min,who captures you as soon as you land in Kyrat.Theres even a cool ending where if you wait 10 mins in real time for him at the dinner table he reveals actually where Lakshmana is,you scatter your mother's ashes and return home to the US and the game ends.However if you do not wait for him ,you meet with two terrorist leaders Amita and Sabal,with whom you work the entire way to overthrow Pagan.Although not strong a protagonist as Jason Brody ,Ajay gets the job done,the GamePlay of 3 has been tuned to perfection,though the detection radius is a bit unfair and can turn stealth to a chore,lol.Imo just like Jason,Ajay also started enjoying the mayhem ,which is furthur implied by Pagan himself "You are really just using your Mother's ashes as an excuse to do whatever you want",which compelled me to write this long ass post which most people will ignore xD.

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Far Cry New Dawn:Lul wot mate,you expected a rant here.This game is just mindless mayhem, everything else is just non existent.


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