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FarCry (2004) An bittersweet experience that managed to make me rage.

Content of the article: "FarCry (2004) An bittersweet experience that managed to make me rage."

I'll start by saying, I haven't beaten this game yet, I believe I'm on the final level, but the game turns into bullshit. Let me explain.

My experience with Farcry is only 5. I found 5 to be pretty, meh. It was in no way shape or form bad, it just felt really bland, even when playing Co Op I wasnt all that impressed. Then I was curious if the series ever had a high point ( I hear 3) and weather or not series over time started to degrade over time. So I now own all FarCry games, excluding the spinoffs (I know Blood Dragon is sick).

First Few Hours: I have to say I was really enjoying the game at the point. Levels felt varied, it isn't an open world, more like an open level type of deal but I enjoyed this format alot. I was impressed that the graphics still held up so well, and the weapons handled great. At this point, if it just had delivered on a more varied levels, introduce some new weapons and equipment it's a solid 8, but then things start getting patchy.

1/3 In : Now, things are kinda feeling repetitive. I'm either in a facility or in a jungle, some of the weapons are pretty awful, and stealth is useless. But still my head is high, these are nothing but lingering thoughts in the back of my mind, I'm still enjoying myself, still an 8.

Halfway: At this point they introduce the mutants, at first I'm ok, you know a little gimmick level, these guys will die out right? (Nope) They're a little annoying, even though I'm playing on the second to hardest difficulty they're 3 shotting me with full armor and max health, but they aren't plentiful and I shouldnt be overwhelmed………right?

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Final Hours: The game fell apart. Mutants are abundant, but with more variants. Ranging from camouflage mutants with broken weapons to mutants with RAPIDFIRE FUCKING ROCKET LAUNCHERS. The difficulty SPIKES around the halfway point to where its ridiculous. It feels like I'm playing a RPG at the final level with a lv.1 character. Not to mention these mutants take at LEAST a fucking magazine to kill, the rocket launcher variant taking upwards a 5 magazines.

Also at this point, Special Forces arrive and they are a joy a fight. Complete bullet sponges, with aimbot aim even while strafing, it's a honest joy to peak a corner to get lasered from across the room, great design to be honest. At this point its still playable for me, I'm absolutely struggling, but I wasn't going to let a FarCry game beat me.

Then this is where I broke. Game asks you to go through a Battlefeild between the mutants and the specail forces. No stealth allowed, you get shit for health and ammo, good luck. I made it through the level but it was simply too much, I simply wasn't having fun. It didn't even feel like a challenge it felt like I had to break the game somehow in order to get through it. After that I had to spot playing, and dropped it for a month. I came back, made it through a good chunk of the final level, then caught wind of the bullshit coming again then I dropped it.

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In conclusion, in part it was some of my fault. The difficulty was set by me. However the difficulty spike was waay too much, like the worse I've ever played, and I went through COD2 on veteran. In top of a pretty lackluster plot. I think this holds as a 7.5 or a C+. Underneath the pile of shit that is the later half of this game I say this game is great, definitely worth the 2$-5$ price if you're at looking for a good shooter to play for a couple of hours.


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