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Farcry 3 throwback discussion

Content of the article: "Farcry 3 throwback discussion"

This ended up being pretty long. I really just want to know everyone's thoughts on the ending. In any case, here we go.

I finally got into the farcry series and just finished 3. The opening scene hooked me immediately and I couldn't wait to see what kind of crazy stuff Jason Brody would get into. Overall I'd say it's a great game, but to have that "ranking" you have to remember how old the game is.

Given that it's an old game, I'll only present a couple of gripes, matched by a couple of praises:

Gripes: Side quests: I mostly skipped these entirely after the first handful. They weren't interesting and served no purpose, apart from crafting shit from rare animals (my heart sank a little every time I killed a tiger).

The ending: spoiler I guess? You're not really given any choices the entire game, so why would that suddenly be a thing at the end? I really went back and forth on liking Jason throughout the game, but him killing his family and friends in the end was so absurd I didn't have a second thought on what to choose.

Praises: Vaas was the best part of this game. He really delivered that cliche about insanity. I was actually rooting for him to kill Jason, because for some reason he kept picking elaborate executions instead of just shooting Jason in the face. P.S. That climb out of the mass grave was haunting.

Taking over outposts was one of the more interesting side parts of the game. I felt strong mgs5 vibes hitting up the outposts on the southern island. The northern island outposts were pretty dull by comparison.

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Overall the story was good. I don't want to sweat the weird hallucinations of boss fights because I think it served a very particular purpose story-wise. I was pretty worried about Jason, and I'm happy with my ending choice. That being said, that guy is going to need a lot of therepy!

TLDR: my thoughts on Farcry 3, what are yours?


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