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Farcry 5 looks great, but it’s more of a show than a game.

They don’t make them like they used, and that isn’t always a bad thing. Not always a good thing, either.

I’m about 30 percent through the campaign of Farcry 5, so maybe it’s a little too early for me to comment on its final glory or un-glory, but as a veteran of the Farcry series I think I’ve seen enough to lay down some good/bad points.

It’s still Farcry 3, which is Farcry 4, which is Farcry 5. The game looks and sounds beautiful, much more advanced than the previous entries in the series, but the basic mechanics feel completely unchanged (even some of the sound effects are recycled) from Farcry 3, which is now nine years old. This is the reason I’m posting this review in r/patientgamers — I have wanted to play it for a while, but resisted, because my hunch was “why spend the money to play Farcry 3 again?” I feel like I was right, however the atmosphere of good ‘ole yee-haw whiteboyness makes it more enjoyable to me than Farcry 3.

Graphics — Obviously, the game looks beautiful. It’s realistic, but not so hyper-realistic that it loses its sense of motion. It still feels like a game and not a disaster simulator, and my Ryzen 5 1600 + GTX 1060 6GB combo runs it just fine at a constant 60fps. The little details are amazing, and I loved checking out the specifics of the prepper stashes the first few times, seeing the canned vegetables and crates of bottled water (especially the book titled “MALARIA: THE ANNOYING DISEASE”). Some of the special effects are a little wanting, however. When I blow shit up, it’s amazing for two seconds, and then it’s like it never happened. Why can’t there be a distorted ruin in its place, filling the sky with oily black smoke for eternity as a testament to my conquest? Smoking wrecks are on-screen forever in Arma 3, and that was years ago.

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Audio — It’s fuckin’ great.

Mechanics —

. Here’s where I start to have complaints. Did it get old in previous Farcry games when you had to sit through the dig-in-all-his-pockets animation to loot a body, or watch the bloody knife swing down for the 10,000th time when you collected animal parts? Yes, it got old and boring. Does just pressing “E” to fill up your inventory with no animation or effort in Farcry 5 feel like a cheap, lazy shortcut? Yes, yes it does. In Farcry 3 you had a big shootout then surveyed your gains when the battle was over. Now I just loot every corpse as I advance like the terminator. Oh by the way, my inventory is full. Another issue I keep running in to is corpses tend to vanish off the ground before I loot them — especially when you conquer an outpost. All that sweet loot just disappears after the flag-raising animation. I reloaded a save recently because an RPG I didn’t have disappeared, so I went back and looted him before I killed the last guy. All in all, the mechanics of Farcry 5 are a major disappoint and a step backward for the franchise. (bonus video:


AI — Why do the Peggies always just run toward me to die like lambs when I sneak in and upset them? Why don’t they take cover? Since there’s usually five of them at any one time, why don’t they cover each other with suppressing fire and advance on the pine tree I’m hiding behind? Seems like the script for taking down every outpost is 1) kill the first dude and hide, so you can 2) systematically kill every other dude as they run up to the first dead dude and stand there scratching their heads in the open.

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Story/acting — I like it so far. The voice acting is good, their lines don’t sound rushed, the mystique around the villains is pretty cool. Will there ever be another Vaas? Probably not, but this is fine.

Final verdict — A fun game, but nowhere near being a piece of art. Farcry 5 was made to collect our money, not our loyalty. This engine, with these graphics and audio capabilities, mixed with the attention to detail and labor of Farcry 2? Now that would be something to see. If you’re really bored, Farcry 5 is on sale on Steam for $12 all the time. If you’re only interested in grabbing good, pure games, skip it.


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