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Farewell to communities. This is how We utilized them for the unaware.

Recently I have been reading about the communities sunsetting. While reading the comments of those threads I was very surprised by how many people didn’t know that communities existed or used them at all. To those of you that didn’t get to use them as much, all I can say is that it’s a great addition that came a few years after the PS4 came out.

Is it a feature we can live without? Yes, but we cannot deny that some games will suffer from this. To those of you that don’t know how communities work or affect some games, allow me to give an example 🙂

Destiny 2 is a heavily multiplayer focused game that took advantage of this.

Some destiny communities have 100,000’s users and it was mainly for people to find other players looking to do a raid or competitive mode just to give an example. Imagine, instead of walking around for 30 minutes in the game world looking for people and messaging players individually. Asking them if they want to do a certain event. (Most people don’t even respond) With the community you can simply jump into one of them and post “we have a 5 man team and we need 1 more to do the raid”. Instantly you’ll be flooded with messages of players bidding to join your team.

That’s just one example. Multiplayer games like war zone, fortnight, nba2k will take a hit because now players will no longer have an instant “looking for group/clans/friends finder”.

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People who like to collect trophies on games used communities to gather players to help each other get certain achievements. Battlefield hardline is almost completely dead with some multiplayer trophies that require players to do certain things and the communities helped players get together to perform those task. Need help getting Tier 4 10 times to unlock that shotgun trophy? No worries there’s a player in a Hardline community just looking to have some fun and help someone out. Need help getting that crazy competitive mode trophy they added months after the game came out? Don’t worry there is a dedicated Hardline community that plays that mode and finds people to play it.

There’s ton of communities for players to come together and talk about certain games they loved and share screenshots.

The last of us communities always has people sharing screenshots of the giraffe scene and constantly people talking about little details you might have missed or sharing a photo of an uncharted Easter egg.

The trophy communities always has people sharing photos of their latest platinum. With players announcing their very first platinum trophy and everyone would leave a comment congratulating that person. Or those other crazy gamers that would share a screenshot of them having a platinum on all the dark souls games and people Praising their achievement.

The resistance fall of man community, were those players from 2006 still reminisce about the “good old days of multiplayer” And how they miss resistance and wish they never shut down those servers or speculate about a resistance 4. Those are players I used to play with back in 2006 that are still active. We remember each other and we used to compete with and or against each other on those ranked games. They shut down the resistance servers and forums. Where will they go now? I was surprised by how many players usernames I recognized when I ran into that community.

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The burnout paradise community just trying to enjoy some classic burnout challenges with its almost dead multiplayer. Where will they go to find some players to enjoy a gem from the last generation together. HOW WILL YOU GET 8 PLAYERS IN THE WILDCATS BASEBALL STADIUM NOW?? Lol

That Skyrim community that would host the screenshot of the week event. Where players would talk about Skyrim and share photos of glitches they captured or the nice view they got of the sky.

Communities was a way to get players to come together all within the actual PlayStation console itself and not have to go to a website on your computer. It had a built in party function to get players to just join the party instantly. So many games benefited from this especially the ones that have a dwindling player base. Communities really just brought the players together and I can’t stress that enough.

I’ve met great friends on those communities. What started as an “I need 1 more for a 3v3 trials of Osiris” would sometimes end a “damn this person is actually pretty cool”. Where we would play almost everyday after. It’s a shame this is going away. I get that they’re hard to regulate and thats another discussion for some other time but the PS4 communities tab was a game changer for me and many more players.

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I hope some of you learned something from this ☺️


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