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FEAR 3 – almost good

Content of the article: "FEAR 3 – almost good"

+ Game looks great. I don't like realistic graphics, but this one is subtly stylish, uses colour and has a slight comicbook feel to it.

+ The gunplay feels great – the gun models, viewmodel animations, sound and visual effects tied to shooting and the time to kill all go together to make something surprisingly polished and satisfying

~ The game is very linear, but unlike, say, calla duty, it's not afraid of providing actual gameplay – you against waves of AI in an arena, rather than a sequence of Simon says scripted events.

– You need CheatEngine to change the FoV to something not vomit inducing and the key remapping menu is useless.

– The game's gameplay is hugely negatively impacted by the efforts to make it a cover shooter.

– The cover mechanic is broken – you still get hit through cover half the time

– Fast melee enemies are put into spaces that are too tight for you to stand a chance of avoiding getting your ankles annoyingly chomped on

– Enemies that follow you (and kill you when they catch you) are always put in places full of dead ends

+ You can skip the cutscenes

– You should really skip the cutscenes

+ Horror segments are mostly brief

– Horror segments range from boring to the most annoying part of the game

– Game's 4.5 hours long at best.

FEAR 3 is an inversion of the original in many ways. It excels at what the original fails at (grey visuals and airsoft-ass guns, non-gameplay horror segments that just go on and on) and switches some things around (the whole game isn't fighting 1 enemy type, it's a cover shooter and less tactical, regenerating health instead of healthkits) while failing at what people loved FEAR 1 for (the tactical gameplay, different arenas/scenarios to fight decent AI in).

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A lot of that is the result of an attempt to fit in with the game's contemporaries, but here's something I don't get – FEAR 3 is way more competent than most of them, but still seemed to get bad reviews and it's completely forgotten. I'd much rather play this than, say, CoD: Black Ops.

The game even has asymmetric coop which affects the ending nobody cares about. That's so much more effort than typical military shooters of that generation.

Anyway, for a game I got for a dollar, I was really happy with it. For anything more, it's not worth it. It's a game worth playing, but not worth buying for anything but pennies.


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