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FF7 is much more digestible if you’ve played FF7 Remake first and have PC version QoL options.

Content of the article: "FF7 is much more digestible if you’ve played FF7 Remake first and have PC version QoL options."

I've always been a pretty big Final Fantasy fan but I started the series with Final Fantasy X on the PS2 and didn't get to experience the PS1 era games until I impulse bought a PS1 on ebay long after they had already become pretty dated.

I managed to get into IX pretty easily, but when I tried playing 7 on the original hardware the story just wasn't able to suck me in faster than the clunkiness of the dated graphics and gameplay threw me off.

Fast forward a few years and playing FF7 Remake got me 100% invested in these characters and itching to see how their story originally played out. I acquired the game on steam and discovered a modding tutorial that sets up some much needed visual improvements and a few QoL changes such as the option to save more freely and apply a speedhack to speed up battles and the more drab map traversal segments.

The experience trying the game the second time was just completely night and day different. Since I was already invested in the early game characters and story bits it was a lot easier for the game to hold my interest even as it got beyond the content covered in FF7R.

When that one spoiler you all probably already know about came up I wasn't just thinking "wow this cutscene looks so bad and they kind of did a poor job setting this moment up", I mean I was definitely still thinking that on the back of my head, but my main thoughts were still "Wow this is genuinely emotional because I'm thinking back to all that background the remake gave."

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So if you liked the remake of FF7 but haven't given the original a fair shake recently, try giving it a shot. Just play it on PC and check out that mod tutorial I linked to save yourself some headaches. You can also check out a save game editor which I used a few times to skip a bit of grinding. I also found it fun to to edit the characters a bit and tweak their stats to be a little more specialized instead of mostly being all rounders.


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