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FFX HD remaster (PS4)

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This one presented the opportunity to close out a hitherto unfinished chapter from the far off, dusty years of the PS2. It had some problems then, it has some problems now. It seems to hold a contested position, or rather marks the beginning of a shift in design. Where 6 and 7 were widely loved, 8 and 9 rarely discussed, X elicits strong opinions from supporter and detractor alike. I think it stands out as an excellent example of turn based party mechanics. I appreciate the effort that went into creating a more cinematic narrative experience. Maybe a few too many things were sacrificed along the way, but it succeeds where it tries.

The storytelling, or rather my opinion on it, has grown and changed dramatically after all these long years. I still maintain that story would have worked well, very well in fact, without the main character. Maybe a quick rewrite to replace some of the time spent on Tidus and give more insight into the other characters. Never before or since have I seen a game that missed so badly when it came time to pick the central POV character. On a side note, I hear Vaan has the same problem but I skipped that one. I realize now it was silly to blame all this on Tidus. I completely missed the point when I decided his voice acting/writing was atrocious. It was very intentional, dude had a sense of humor and just the right mix of courage and humility to play the fool if he thought it would be funny. Really only one scene stands out as legitimately bad, "Listen to my story…" Ugh, could we not? His overall aesthetic and costume design quickly becomes an eyesore, but who am I to judge? His relationship with his father makes a lot more sense to me now. Funny how perspective changes interpretation.

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The International edition upgrades were all new to me and are an excellent bit of bonus content. From the replay value of the Expert grid to the overwhelming challenge of the Dark Aeons, all good news here.

And the best part? I got a Sun Sigil. There was a dismal, dreary day when a much younger version of myself finally accepted the Catcher Chocobo was just not going to fucking happen. Turns out I was mistaken. Ah, the foolishness of youth. But yeah, it is still an awful minigame. I guess some things never change.

So how about it? Anyone else get a chance to replay a game from long ago and find out they misjudged the story badly?


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